The Mark Green Game articles

What is the Mark Green Game? In the months leading up to the Iraq War, Gavin wrote letters to Wisconsin Representative Mark Green arguing against the war. For each letter, Green was honorable enough to respond to the points made by Gavin and at one point even included documents of testimony from people claiming to have knowledge of WMD in Iraq. The ‘game’ is the volley of letters – for each letter, there would be a response with no end in sight. The exchange died at the start of the war.Now, years later, Green has announced his candidacy for Wisconsin governor. This is something Gavin will simply not stand for. So from today (July 20, 2005) up until the election, Gavin will debate every issue possible with Green to expose his beliefs to the public and help the voters of Wisconsin make a more informed decision on voting day.Without further ado, the letters to Green. (Letters from Green will not appear here to avoid legal issues, but will be heavily quoted when possible. Gavin will honor any requests for photocopies to be sent of any Green letter.)

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