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Sajak Gets it Right on Clinton

This is my third article on Pat Sajak criticizing his politics and personal beliefs. Yet, this third one is not like the others in one major way: I am in total agreement with his assessment of the topic at hand. Let’s look at Bill Clinton’s adultery scandal and endorsement of John Jerry.

How To Handle A Sex Scandal

Sajak seems to suggest adultery happens on occasion and is morally okay to cover it up when he says, “I can hardly blame a husband for denying everything.” I don’t agree with this position, which denies the foundation of a solid marriage: honesty. But Clinton’s home life is not what mattered, it was his public conduct.

Sajak recalls Clinton having aides come forward to say they felt that Clinton was innocent of the accusations from Monica Lewinsky and Kenneth Starr. In fact, not simply aides but high-ranking officials were involved when “the Cabinet members were dutifully trotted out (women out front, as I recall) to support their man and express faith that his denials were true.” I cannot recall if the “women out front” part is accurate or not, but the fact remains that these people had no part in the issues discussed, so to involve them was improper and dishonest.

Another issue he has with Clinton is that Monica Lewinsky was dismissed as a liar and as being crazy until she was able to provide proof with her blue dress. There was no reason Clinton or his Administration had to talk bad about Lewinsky or even talk about her at all. The proper way to conduct things would have been to avoid the questions in the first place (Fifth Amendment, anyone?). As a trained lawyer, you would expect Clinton to be familiar with all sorts of loopholes besides directly lying.

Further, the trashing only escalated things. An old saying which I am quite fond of is that there is n osuch thing as bad publicity. By trashing her, they succeeded in getting her name out to the homes of America. Compare this to the more recent campaign to discredit Ward Churchill, the liberal professor in Colorado who mades allusions to Nazis when talking about terrorist victims. Whether or not they succeeded in demonizing him, they made him famous overnight – probably even making him millions in book sales.

How many presidents had mistresses or affairs? Many more than most people think. But the two that come to mind are Clinton and Kennedy – two men whose escapades became media fodder. What of the rumor that President Bush (the first one) had an affair with his secretary? As long as he kept quiet on the matter, the media had little or nothing to latch on to. They certainly never tried to impeach the man.

Why Endorsing Kerry Only Helped to Crush Him

Sajak openly admits that Bill Clinton has the most charisma of anyone in the Democratic Party today. I agree with this completely – he was loved by people the world over, and his approval ratings even went up after the scandal. And Sajak loves this because the charisma is only in Clinton and can’t be passed on.

Says Sajak: “Mr. Clinton-and his wife-are the only true stars of the Party, and that means that everyone else fades in the face of their glow. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Clinton cost John Kerry more votes than he gained for him whenever they appeared together. Imagine being part of a crowd enraptured by the presence of Bill Clinton, and then having to listen to a speech by John Kerry!” And he’s exactly right.

Compare this to a rock concert featuring Neil Diamond. You love Neil Diamond, and you have paid an outrageous amount for these tickets. Opening up for Neil is The Darkness. But, strangely, The Darkness get lost on the way to the arena and have to go on after Neil Diamond. Who is going to stay to see them? After the Diamondites get their fill, they don’t need some half-assed band to entertain them.

If you love Clinton, do you really want to hear Kerry instead? On top of the fact no one really liked Kerry anyway (they just ahted the other guy).

What Do We Do Now?

What do the liberals do now, knowing the effect Clinton has on the election process? Drop the man altogether? Stop him from campaigning?

Drop him no, stop him yes. Clinton traveling around pushing issues and making appearances and speeches helps the party tremendously. His trip to Asia with Bush after the tsunami showed the extra-American world that even our bitter rivals can be friends when confronting big issues.

Just please don’t campaign for Feingold in 2008, Bill.


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