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Pirates and Ninjas

Pirates and ninjas are always opposed
Forever and ever they remain deadly foes
Like water and gasoline the two never mix
They just go on playing their dastardly tricks

But one little ninja and one special pirate
Formed an alliance the world wouldn’t forget
No more backstabbing or chopping off heads
It was all joking and laughing and smiles instead

The ninja, whose training was rough from the start
Saw something in the pirate that softened his heart
He sheathed with kitanas, he threw down his nunchuks
He cleaned up his act and began working at Starbucks

And the pirate, you know, also started to change
She traded looting for law school (which I find rather strange)
And of course, soon enough, she was someone new
And she saw in the ninja what he saw in her, too

They moved far away to a land no one knows
No pirates or ninjas – a place no one goes
And they started there began a revolution
A truce between peoples – a final solution

Do you wonder whatever became of this pair?
Where they are now and just how they got there?
They’re in the legends of history, the stories we’ve kept
But don’t forget that this miracle started with one small, single step.

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