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Weirdest Murder Ever: Luigi Longhi

Louis (sometimes called Luigi) Longhi was originally deported from Switzerland in 1977 after spending years in a mental institution.

At the age of 29, Longhi, now an unemployed truck driver, spotted West Germany native Heike Freihert hitchhiking in May 1982 (some sources say 1981, but that does not seem to match the timeline). He picked her up.

The night of the murder, Longhi invited Freiheit to his room in Padborg, Denmark (a border town) where he washed her hair, causing her to fell asleep

While asleep, Longhi tied her up. He then repeatedly washed her hair, substituting salad dressing, honey and cottage cheese for shampoo when it ran out. He cut off her clothes (“because I wanted to see how she looked naked”) and tugged a noose around her neck when she tried to call for help. Freihert stamped her feet on the floor to alert the neighbors, but to no avail. She was killed by strangulation and Longhi hid the body in the wall of his room where it was discovered by workmen 9 months later. The repairmen were called to fix the roof of the building. Apparently one of them smelt something rather bad in the wall. He decided to check it out and discovered Luigi’s secret. Longhi maintained that Freiheit’s death was an accident.

Physicians observed that Longhi was a virgin with a “sexual obsession about women’s hair”, a fixation that began when he started stealing shampoo and wigs from hair salons at age 10. Eventually, he developed an obsession with washing women’s hair. He said that he had at least ten woman in the Padborg area that allowed him to carry out these fantasies on their hair and that he had never assaulted any of these woman in any way. The Danish Court ruled that he was dangerous and should be “confined indefinitely.”

Louis Longhi was sentenced to indefinite psychiatric confinement in Denmark on March 11, 1983. He is presumably still there today (September 2010).


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