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Top 100 Living Intellectuals

(rough draft) List of living intellectuals, sorted by birth date… not by influence. I may or may not agree with the the philosophic or political views of these people… that was not the point of the list.

  1. Bernard Lewis ,Scholar, 31-May-1916 Middle East scholar
  2. Robert A. Scalapino ,Scholar, 1919 Longtime Asia scholar at Berkeley
  3. Mary Midgley ,Philosopher, 13-Sep-1919, /Beast and Man/
  4. Fred Sommers ,Philosopher, 1-Jan-1923 /The Logic of Natural Language/
  5. Paul Kurtz ,Philosopher, 21-Dec-1925, The pope of unbelievers
  6. J. I. Packer ,Religion, 22-Jul-1926 Biblical scholar
  7. Hilary Putnam ,Philosopher, 31-Jul-1926 Philosophy of Mind
  8. Stanley Cavell, Philosopher, 1-Sep-1926, Professor of Aesthetics, Harvard
  9. Noam Chomsky, Linguist, dissident intellectual 7-Dec-1928
  10. Robert Faurisson ,Scholar, 25-Jan-1929 French Holocaust denier
  11. Jürgen Habermas ,Philosopher, 18-Jun-1929, /The Theory of Communicative Action/
  12. Walter Dean Burnham ,Scholar, 1930 /Democracy in the Making/
  13. Harold Bloom ,Critic, 11-Jul-1930 Literary critic, Yale professor
  14. Ronald Steel ,Scholar, 1931 /Pax Americana/
  15. James Q. Wilson ,Scholar, 27-May-1931 /The Moral Sense/
  16. Charles Taylor ,Philosopher, 5-Nov-1931 /Sources of the Self/
  17. Ronald Dworkin ,Philosopher, 11-Dec-1931 /Taking Rights Seriously/
  18. Umberto Eco ,Author, 5-Jan-1932 /Foucault’s Pendulum/, /The Name of the Rose/
  19. John Searle ,Philosopher, Dec-1932 Chinese Room Argument, Philosopher of Language
  20. Leonard Peikoff ,Philosopher, 1933 Proseletyzer of objectivism
  21. Leonard P. Liggio ,Scholar, 5-Jul-1933 Libertarian
  22. Stephan Thernstrom ,Scholar, 1934 Neoconservative thinker
  23. Sissela Bok ,Scholar, 2-Dec-1934 Ethicist
  24. Frederick S. Humphries ,Business, c. 1935 Former President, Florida A&M University
  25. Michael Walzer ,Philosopher, 3-Mar-1935 Just and Unjust Wars
  26. Ralph Estes ,Scholar, c. 1936 /Tyranny of the Bottom Line/
  27. Gianni Vattimo ,Philosopher, 1936 Postmodern philosopher
  28. Keith Lehrer ,Philosopher, 10-Jan-1936 /Metamind/
  29. Ian Hacking ,Philosopher, 18-Feb-1936, /The Taming of Chance/
  30. Leonard Jeffries ,Scholar, 19-Jan-1937 Controversial blackademic
  31. Thomas Nagel ,Philosopher, 4-Jul-1937 /What is it like to be a bat?/
  32. Mary Frances Berry ,Government, 17-Feb-1938 Civil Rights Commissioner, 1980-2004
  33. Stanley Fish ,Scholar, 19-Apr-1938 Deconstructionist literary critic
  34. Richard Posner ,Judge, 11-Jan-1939 7th Circuit Court of Appeals
  35. Benjamin Barber ,Scholar, 2-Aug-1939 /Jihad vs. McWorld/
  36. Henry Flynt ,Musician, 1940, Violin composer turned philosopher
  37. Graham T. Allison ,Scholar, 23-Mar-1940, Kennedy School of Government
  38. Nan Keohane ,Scholar, 18-Sep-1940 Political scientist
  39. Richard Dawkins ,Biologist, 26-Mar-1941, Zoologist and evolutionary biologist
  40. Julia Kristeva ,Philosopher, 24-Jun-1941, Psychoanalyst, linguistic philsopher
  41. Gayatri Spivak ,Scholar, 24-Feb-1942 Postcolonialist theorist, /Can the Subaltern Speak?/
  42. John McDowell ,Philosopher, 7-Mar-1942, /Mind and World/
  43. Daniel C. Dennett ,Philosopher, 28-Mar-1942, Leading Darwinist and philosopher
  44. Richard A. Epstein ,Scholar, 17-Apr-1943 /Takings/
  45. Bruce Ackerman ,Scholar, 19-Aug-1943 /We the People/
  46. Stephen P. Cohen ,Scholar, c. 1946 Foreign policy analyst
  47. Mark Noll ,Historian, 1946 Christian historian
  48. Kathleen Hall Jamieson ,Scholar, 1946 Annenberg Public Policy Center
  49. Tyler Burge, Philosopher, 1946, /Foundations of Mind/
  50. Jean-Luc Marion ,Philosopher, 3-Jul-1946, Phenomenologist, /God Without Being/
  51. Peter Singer ,Philosopher, 6-Jul-1946 /Animal Liberation/
  52. Michael Porter ,Scholar, 1947 /Competitive Strategy/
  53. Martha Nussbaum ,Philosopher, 6-May-1947 /The Fragility of Goodness/
  54. Bernard-Henri Lévy ,Author, 5-Nov-1948 /Who Killed Daniel Pearl?/
  55. Slavoj Žižek ,Philosopher, 21-Mar-1949 Lacan theorist, intellectual rockstar
  56. Rachel Maines ,Scholar, 8-Jul-1950 /The Technology of Orgasm/
  57. Patricia J. Williams ,Scholar, 28-Aug-1951 /The Alchemy of Race and Rights/
  58. Douglas W. Kmiec ,Scholar, 24-Sep-1951 Constitutional scholar
  59. James K. Galbraith ,Scholar, c. 1952 Economics Professor at UT-Austin
  60. David M. Halperin ,Scholar, 2-Apr-1952 /One Hundred Years of Homosexuality/
  61. Jonathan D. Moreno ,Scholar, 11-Jun-1952 /Undue Risk/
  62. Erwin Chemerinsky ,Scholar, 14-May-1953 Legal Scholar
  63. Cynthia P. Schneider ,Scholar, 16-Aug-1953 US Ambassador to the Netherlands, 1998-2001
  64. Norman Finkelstein ,Scholar, 8-Dec-1953 /The Holocaust Industry/
  65. Kwame Anthony Appiah , Philosopher, 8-May-1954, /The Ethics of Identity/
  66. Steven Pinker ,Linguist, 18-Sep-1954 /The Language Instinct/
  67. Cass Sunstein ,Scholar, 21-Sep-1954 /Why Societies Need Dissent/
  68. Kathleen Sullivan ,Scholar, 20-Aug-1955 Scholar of constitutional law
  69. Charles R. Kesler ,Scholar, c. 1956 Conservative scholar
  70. Judith Butler ,Scholar, 24-Feb-1956 /Gender Trouble/
  71. Steven Hayward ,Scholar, c. 1958 Conservative environmentalism pundit
  72. Michael Eric Dyson ,Scholar, 23-Oct-1958 /Know What I Mean?/
  73. Pamela S. Karlan ,Scholar, 1959 Constitutional and legal scholar
  74. Ariel Cohen,Scholar, c. 1964 Expert on International Relations
  75. Bjørn Lomborg ,Scholar, 6-Jan-1965 /The Skeptical Environmentalist/
  76. Kenneth Pollack ,Scholar, 1966 Brookings Institution
  77. David Chalmers, Philosopher, 20-Apr-1966, Philosopher of Consciousness
  78. Frederick Kagan ,Scholar, c. 1969 Neocon military historian, now at AEI
  79. Timothy Levitch ,Actor, 9-Jul-1970 /The Cruise/

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  1. Mount Everest Says:

    Yet another amazing article! I shared this blog on Facebook – you really should add a “like” button to your posts. :)

  2. Drew Hunkins Says:

    When this was written in 2010, here are a few intellectuals who should’ve definitely been listed in the top 50:

    Gore Vidal
    James Petras
    Adolph Reed

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