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On Rich Allen’s Departure

For anyone who has listened to the radio in the Fox Valley, Rich Allen was a perennial voice that we let into our mornings for quite some time. Maybe he was just the filler between the Beatles and the Hollies for you, but for me his presence was far more personal. Regardless, he will be missed by all.

Rich and I struck up an on-again, off-again correspondence many years ago, which continued until April 13 of this year. I valued him as a prominent and outspoken member of the conservative community. He was not always right, but his opinions were strong and could not be ignored. From the so-called “war on Christmas” up through the recent FCC v. Comcast decision, we engaged in some trying and heated debates.

I do not know if Rich was as patient with all his listeners as he was with me. I do not know how much he corresponded with others. But I took great pride in knowing he found my words worth his time, as I surely found his worth mine. The airwaves will continue to flow from WVBO, but I am hard-pressed to name another local conservative that has the power or audience that Rich had.

I do not wish to touch on the reason for his departure other than to say that I think everyone is entitled to be judged fairly. Let us not jump to conclusions. I, for one, wish Rich the best in all future endeavors and hope that someday soon he makes his triumphant return to contentious forum of the Fox Cities.

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