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Letter to Dr. Kagen on Israel/Palestine

Dr. Kagen,

Thank you very much for your response to my concerns about our alliance with Israel. I would briefly like to respond to statements made in your response.

You wrote that “there is no better strategic partner, no more steadfast ally, than the State of Israel.” With regards to the Middle East, this is true. But it’s a very superficial position to take. Since Israel’s inception, we can look at what we have done for them and what they have done for us, and we can see that it is not the case that they have assisted us in any meaningful way. In fact, on many occasions they have gone against our wishes and further undermined Middle East security and peace. And, most importantly, actions by Israel are a direct cause of violence: our support of their illegal actions has indirectly led to 9/11 and other terrorist acts. This is not speculation, but fact.

Your position on Hamas and the Palestinians is fair, but ignores the historical and legal issues. I would not ask you to “support any American aid to Hamas and Hamas-affiliated Palestinian organizations”, and I agree that they should not be engaging in violence. However, the violence committed by the Palestinians is minor compared to that of the Israelis. To condemn one and support the other is hypocrisy.

With regards to Israel’s “right to exist”, it is important to actually listen to what the Palestinians have said, not what the media suggests they believe. As you should know, when President Carter visited Palestine in 2008, they made their position quite clear: they do not have a problem with Israel — their problem is that Israel has expanded beyond the 1967 border set up by the United Nations. Were Israel to withdraw off of internationally recognized Palestinian land, the violence would cease. Again, I do not condone violence from either side, but it is no surprise that a people would turn to drastic actions when an expansionist power has taken their land and denied them basic amenities such as water. Would you, sir, allow foreigners to move in to your house and kick you out without a fight?

You conclude that “disagreements between nations and peoples with different values cannot be solved militarily.” I agree, which is why I oppose the very thing you support — military aid to Israel. Regardless of who you think is right, the increase in military power only means an increase in violence. The solution is to actually impose the will of the United Nations. You might be surprised how peaceful Palestine and Iran would become if the West honored their agreements.

Thank you,

Gavin Schmitt

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  1. Al Berman Says:

    You make a poor argument here. Please stick to mob articles…at least they are based on true facts.

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