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Rurik Kelnar Anderson

Rurik Kelnar Anderson was born November 17, 1896 in Kewanee, Henry County, northwest Illinois. His parents were Swedish immigrants Peter Oscar Anderson and Hanna Person. Rurik spent his childhood (at least through 1917) in Kewanee. In 1917, while still living in Kewanee, he was a journalist in Galesburg.

1920, was a roomer at 101 Sixth Street in Peoria. He worked as a reporter for a newspaper.

1930, lived with his sister Ruth Zillman and her family. Rurik was a journalist for a newspaper.

1940, lived with wife Annie (almost 20 years his junior) and partner Isabell Ramsdell on North Lake Drive in Milwaukee. Anderson and Ramsdell were editors of a daily newspaper, while Annie worked for a fur company.

By 1942, Rurik had moved to 704 East Mason and was working for the Milwaukee Sentinel.

Rurik died by 1956/1957.

Somehow towards the end of his life, Rurik got mixed up in an Interstate Transfer of Obscene Material (ITOM) investigation. The FBI confiscated a copy of the notorious pornographic film “Smart Alec” and sent it to the lab on November 14, 1956 with Anderson’s name on it.

On November 26, 1956, the FBI spoke with Walter Schwulst in Milwaukee, who was very knowledgeable about the confiscated film. He said the star was a stripper named Candy Barr, though he did not know her real name. He pointed out to them that she was on the cover of the November 1956 issue of “Jem” and in the Fall 1956 issue of “Ecapade’s Choicest”. Schwulst further told the FBI that she was currently working at the Colonial Club in Texas, though he could not recall if it was Dallas or Galveston. He had heard rumor that Ms. Barr had shot hr husband after he tried to break into her room after she filed a restraining order.

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