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The Two Deaths of Mary Fridley (Neenah)

Frederick T. Price, born in 1879 in Neenah, murdered his wife, Mary Fridley, on November 28, 1914 in Minnesota. He pushed her off a cliff along the Mississippi River, but since she didn’t die immediately, he finished her off later with a club. Price was 37 yrs. old in 1916.

His sister was Mrs. Charles Jensen of Neenah.

He had a police record at age 15 for breaking and entering and was charged with the assault of an older woman, who coincidentally was a friend of his mother’s.

He grew up and went to school in Neenah and died in the Minnesota State Prison in Stillwater around 1930. This was a famous murder case in Minnesota history and involved a family that was locally well known in Fridley, Minnesota.


This is a stub (obviously). Walter Trenerry previously wrote about this case in 1962 in “The Case of the Convenient Cliff”. If I develop it more, I would focus more on the Neenah angle than he did (his focus was on Minnesota crime).

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