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The Strange Death of Harry Quadracci

Words words words. Potential article to write.

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or another one of the writings of Gavin.

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  1. Drew Hunkins Says:

    EXCELLENT idea for a topic Gavin! Something about his death always seemed at least a little bit suspicious.

    Quad is infamous among labor activists for its sweatshop conditions, vicious anti-union policies–like Walmart, management has been known to shut down a location if a union push is successful–and the lowest pay in the industry, averaging about two-thirds of what competitors pay. Quad is also a big financial backer of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and of the misnamed “right-to-work” laws in various states.

  2. gavin Says:

    I had actually known nothing about it until someone at an event asked. It’s definitely not a mob murder, but might still be interesting to pursue.

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