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Customer Service Representative (Claire’s)

Customer Service Representative:

Recently, I completed an essay discussing the finer points of “the food court” as seen in various malls around the country. I dealt with a variety of issues, mostly focusing on defining the food court and what does or does not constitute a part of this entity.

After publishing this article, one piece of feedback pointed out to me that Claire’s (or the Icing, or both) is almost always found in or near the food court.

Is there a marketing strategy involved with this location? Is there some association between food and teenage girls (your primary market)? Or is this all coincidence?

Thank you for your time and thoughtfulness on this issue.

Gavin Schmitt
209 E. 17th Street
Kaukauna, WI 54130

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  1. observer Says:

    Actually the location of Claire’s or the Icing by Claire’s is not up to the company at all in most cases. It is the malls decision to decide where the stores go. Some malls have “groupings” of stores that are related, like toy stores, build-a-bear, arcades, and claire’s. As the Icing (geared towards teenagers and adults as instead of chilren) Is usually located near Ann Taylor, Lane Bryant, Hollister, or A&F. There are over 3000 Claires/Icing stores worldwide, so obviously at some malls it is going to be near a food court.

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