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On Letters’ Factual Standards (Health Care)

Judy Bellin’s rant makes me wonder where she gets her information and what standards the Post-Crescent has for a letter’s factual content. Bellin’s rhetoric may call people to action, but equips them with false information that only does harm to our intelligent public discourse. Let us examine the same points again, this time with facts.

When Kagen votes for reform, he shows “contempt for the American people who are against health care reform”. Yet, the New York Times found that 72% favor a public option or single-payer. Even if not, Kagen won the 2008 election on a pro-reform platform. Is Bellin against a politician doing what they promise?

Bellin believes that reform “will push our economy further onto the brink of bankruptcy”, yet the Congressional Budget Office believes the health care plan most likely to pass will cut the budget deficit by $127 billion over 10 years, and trim the deficit another $650 billion in the second decade.

She is correct about the steep cuts in Medicare. However, it seems odd to complain in one paragraph about bankrupting the nation and then immediately denounce cuts. Especially cuts favored by AARP, the leading voice of seniors, the group she claims will be hurt. For what it’s worth, the Democrats – not the GOP – voted to restore almost $300 billion to Medicare to cover doctor’s reimbursement.

Kagen allegedly protected trial lawyers, who indirectly raise malpractice insurance rates which indirectly raises health care costs. Except that malpractice claims have dropped 45% since 2000, malpractice claims are the lowest in 30 years and costs of both of these are less than 1% of overall health care costs, according to a 2009 Americans for Insurance Reform study.

Bellin finishes her letter with the absurd claims that Kagen has been unconstitutional and that he is “promised a job for life”. Head of the US Mint?

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  1. Amanda Hammond Says:

    There is a lot of fear being stirred up by conservatives of both the democratic and republican variety. The blatant unwillingness to fix a broken health care system by trying something different, an idea that has been repeatedly shot down since FDR was in office, is frustrating to those of us who are ready for change. Unfortunately in our Western culture, the threat of change is most often what stirs the “fear pot.” People really need to be fed facts like your article provided rather than bold and overgeneralized statements of opinion that honestly are nothing but speculation.
    This whole reform controversy shouldn’t even be a controversy. Since when do we not want everyone in our country to have equal treatment? Oh yeah…. since ALWAYS!

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