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Black Organized Crime in Kenosha in the 1970s

Tommy “Baby June” Russell was killed by Kenosha police on December 6, 1973. Along with three other men, he robbed Freddie’s Tavern and made off with $1000. A shoot-out ensued, killing Russell and injuring officers Richard Wachs and Joseph Huber. The remaining three suspects escaped unscathed.

On January 29, 1974, the Milwaukee field office of the FBI began to take “organized crime activity among the black community” seriously, opening up 11 case files on various black men in Kenosha. (Unfortunately, as of 2016, these men’s names are all redacted.)

An informant told the FBI on June 20, 1974, that certain members of the black community were planning to riot on either July 4 or during a festival known as Crazy Days. These individuals were upset with the killing of Tommy Russell and wanted to force the police to act violently. (There is no indication a riot took place.)

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