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Emmanuele Palazzolo, and the Pizza Connection

April 1984, Emanuele Palazzolo was indicted for his role in the “Pizza Connection” heroin ring. His brother-in-law, Pietro Alfano, was said to be the ring’s primary contact in the Midwest. At the time the indictments came down, Alfano was in Spain, where he was later arrested. Palazzolo was arrested at a relative’s house in Oregon, Illinois. When his Milton, Wisconsin pizza parlor (at 301 Parkview Drive) was searched, evidence was seized but no heroin was found.

On October 4, 1984, a federal clerk in Madison said that Emanuele Palazzolo would be extradited to Italy. He was expected to surrender voluntarily that same day. The Italian government wanted him as part of their Mafia crackdown. A hearing in the US was set for November 19, and Palazzolo requested that he remain free until then. “I won’t skip the country,” he told the judge. “I have been out on bond for several months and have made all other appearances.” With niece Suzy Alfano helping to translate, he stressed that he was not a risk, was not violent, and worked at his restaurant from dawn to dusk. Following the hearing, Palazzolo’s wife shouted at reporters that they were hurting the family’s business.

By November 16, a delay in filing extradition documents resulting in the arrest warrant against Palazzolo being dropped. He still faced trial in New York and Italy could re-request extradition.

The Pizza Connection trial finally began in October 1985.

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