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Milwaukee’s Outlaws and Heaven’s Devils, 1964-present

In 1964, Milwaukee bikers formed an Outlaws chapter. It was the first outside Chicago, and Milwaukee has since remained a stronghold of the club. The Heaven’s Devils Motorcycle Club of Milwaukee was formed in August 1964, by a group of friends who were passionate about motorcycles, riding and having a good time.

For years, the group passed with little notice in Milwaukee, but in the 1970s, law enforcement officers in Milwaukee pursued the Outlaws, mostly for stolen car rings and beatings of rival biker gang members. Investigations took a more serious turn on November 5, 1974, when Milwaukee Sentinel carrier Larry Anstett, 15, was killed while delivering papers when he picked up a bomb disguised as a present. The bomb was sitting on an Oldsmobile owned by Michael Vermilyea, a member of the rival Heaven’s Devils motorcycle club who had testified against the Outlaws.

The Sentinel offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the paperboy’s killer. Vermilyea’s father put up another $1,000. And for a solid year, two police detectives worked the case full time, following thousands of leads, traveling thousands of miles, compiling thousands of pages of interviews and reports. But the case was never closed, the rewards never collected. Leads went cold. Witnesses refused to cooperate, fearing reprisal by the Outlaws.

Killings include the 1987 murder of Michael Drobac, who along with his wife and son were found shot to death in their Washington County home.

The most shocking crime linked to Outlaws with ties to Milwaukee was the 1993 execution of an elderly couple, Ruth and Morrie Gauger, and the robbery of their motorcycle shop in McHenry County, Illinois, according to court documents. There were also attacks on rival gangs, especially the Hells Angels, who were making incursions into Wisconsin, territory long held by the Outlaws.

Rosga was estranged from his wife, Lydia, when she died on May 3, 2003 after overdosing on prescription drugs, according to a Milwaukee County medical examiner’s report.

In August 2003, three Outlaws club members filed a federal lawsuit against the Milwaukee Police Department and Summerfest, contending they were wrongly ejected from the music festival because they refused to take off or obscure their colors showing the Outlaws’ logo. That lawsuit was dismissed in 2004.

“Milwaukee Jack” Rosga became the club’s leader in 2006.

Jack Rosga and two other Outlaws members sued the City of Milwaukee in 2007, contending that police had harassed the club’s members and searched their clubhouse without a warrant. The lawsuit was dropped in 2008.

Undercover agent Jeffery Grabman and other undercover agents were made full members of the Outlaws, or “patched,” on July 4, 2009, at a meeting in Hickory, North Carolina, attended by Rosga.

Randy Yager made his first initial appearance in Milwaukee federal court on May 22, 2015. A judge is currently considering his request to postpone the August trial date in the case. Yager’s attorney, Stephen Hurley of Madison, said in a motion that Yager can only review documents on a computer 20 minutes a day, and that there are more than 50,000 pages of discovery material.

Gerald Yager, 68, was found in a Gary, Indiana house where fire broke out in early June, according to the Northwest Times. Gary officials call the death a homicide and the fire a likely arson. Gerald Yager was also an Outlaw, though not as heavily involved in the club as his younger brother.

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  1. Tito Says:

    Now the heavens devils Milwaukee as we call them the Mikey mouse club now taking orders from the outlaws and being a great big support club…..I am a member and precedent of the heavens devils mc up in wisconsin rapids we broke away from the Milwaukee devils they set us up with the outlaws. They are rat basterds

  2. Michael Says:

    It is a fact that members of the Milwaukee heavens devils lied to the outlaws because they could not shut down the other chapter’s.of the heavens devils,tito, does a lot of good in our community and the best thing he ever did was to break away from the Milwaukee devils.many of us have asked why not? Just take that patch dow,his reply has been the same over and over.he was told it takes heart and soul and drive, the want.tito has more of that then all them, together.fact

  3. queen size Says:

    Tito Micheal Bopp is a lying, thieving, Wood Co. WI. and Milwaukee, Wi. Sheriff’s and Police Department’s drug and motorcycle club informant and convicted felon. Your two responses to this article were from the same lying fraud. Tito and Micheal are one in the same person with obvious, serious psychological problems. He was kicked out on bad from the Milwaukee Heavens Devils Motorcycle Club in 2015 for habitual lying and selling prescription narcotic drugs. Use extreme caution around this imposter because he has been known to record your conversation and informs the Wood Co. Sheriffs Department on a regular and ongoing basis. This is from Wisconsin bikers that know better.

  4. Syes a felon is corect from Says:

    Hi I am tito bopp not a thieving wood co.informant wake up you Mikey mouse club of so called heavens devils this is fun I’m not afraid to youse my real ndameit is the members of the heavens devils mc milwaukee that are snitches and turned state evaddns ya my xs spelling sucks .so have a great day you please provide the sowing that tito is a wood county snitch lol

  5. Tito Says:

    Hi queen mother and the heavens devils mc milwaukee how is it going .well I see all lies any how I did record duck at some meetings I new shut was going South and I’m no fool, and yes I put a restraining order on a retired member I have many friends and still on the inside so go figure it out ok enough.please come to my book signing when ready ok :/ by re and tarts ps remember real heavens devils snitches go on the internet and

  6. Tito Says:

    Milwaukee heavens devils mc had a meeting with the hells angels mc from las Vegas,

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