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MP: Melrose Park Sausage Stand and the Death of Chris Cardi

Around April 1973, Butch Blasi allegedly purchased a sausage stand at the corner of 5th and North in Melrose Park. It had gone by the names Jimmy’s Sausage Stand and Ben’s Beef Stand. Special Agent William Roemer questioned Blasi in July, and confirmed that he was now a 50% stockholder of LTD Limited, which owned the stand. (FBI File 92-CG-1322: Blasi)

In May 1974, the stand was again sold, this time to a Dominic Butera. Handling the sale was Sam Farrugia. (FBI File 92-CG-1322: Blasi)

By February 1975, a sign appeared out front claiming new management, and the building seemed to be undergoing remodeling. When the owner of Dominic’s Used Cars next door was asked, FBI agents were referred to attorney Angelo Ruggiero. (FBI File 92-CG-1322: Blasi)

Former police officer Chris Cardi was murdered at Jim’s Beef Stand (1620 North River Road) around July 1975. Since at least 1969, this was a frequent hangout for Nick Palermo and his friends.

On July 17, a former owner of the stand (Butera?) was interviewed by the State’s Attorneys office. He recalled purchasing the stand in early 1974 and selling it around January 1975. According to the man, the property the stand was situated on, along with neighboring Dominic Motors, was owned by the Lawrence River Road Trust, which was managed by attorney Jerome DePalma (son-in-law of mob boss Sam Giancana). (FBI File 92-CG-1322: Blasi)

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