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MP: Barbooth

A large scale barbooth game was operating in Melrose Park in July 1972. A main building and repair shed were surrounded by a ten-foot high cyclone fence and barbed wire. A small, green Quonset hut was outside of the fence, but still on the property. To access the building after hours, visitors had to go through the hut because the main gate was guarded by five vicious German shepherds. (File 182-CG-1411: Barbooth)

Each Friday and Saturday night, games would start around midnight and go until dawn. A Vegas-style craps table was set up, with green felt and odds printed on the fabric. In order to get to the game, guests would meet at the Mid East Lounge (1616 North Mannheim Road) and get shuttled to the premises. Running the game was a man described as an “inveterate gambler” who owed large sums of money to mobster Louis Eboli. (File 182-CG-1411: Barbooth)

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