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MP: The Charm Club and Mary Lou’s

In the fall of 1966, the FBI started hearing rumors that Rocco Salvatore had prostitutes turning tricks for $50 and $75 at the Charm Club (1835 North Broadway). The women lived upstairs in apartments over the club. They were also in trouble with the Illinois Liquor Control Commission, who called the officers to a hearing on November 15 concerning 11 bottles of liquor that did not contain the alcohol that the labels claimed. Seagrams, Cutty Sark, Canadian Club and others had been replaced with cheaper brands. At the hearing, the ILCC agent presented his evidence and the Charm Club’s attorney asked for a continuance. [FBI File 92-HQ-8443: Rocco Salvatore]

They met again on December 6, and this time the ILCC agent had even more information, including burglary conviction records from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The club’s attorney conceded that Rocco Salvatore was on the payroll, and said Salvatore would be dropped if the Commission would consider that in its actions. He said Salvatore was only employed because he was Frank Parrillo’s father-in-law. [FBI File 92-HQ-8443: Rocco Salvatore]

(Note: The Oshkosh burglaries were for incidents March 11, March 20, May 7 and May 21 in and around Oshkosh. Need to look these up in the Oshkosh papers.)

At the next hearing, January 3, the ILCC amended its complaint, and further said Frank Parrillo was ineligible to hold a retail liquor license in Illinois because he had served time in the Wisconsin State Prison. The club’s attorney advised his clients not to seek a 1967 liquor license, at least until all proceedings had finished. When FBI agents stopped by on January 10, the building was dark and a “Closed For Remodeling” sign had gone up. [FBI File 92-HQ-8443: Rocco Salvatore]

On April 18, 1967, Frank Parrillo was convicted of the liquor refilling charge. Judge Richard Austin fined him $125. In June, the club was empty and the contact number out front went to Fritz Plumbing Company next door. [“Mob Figure Fined $125”, CT April 19, 1967]

Even with the Charm Club gone, Salvatore was still suspected (in June 1967) of having a hidden interest in Mary Lou’s Tavern at 100 Main.

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