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MP: The Casa Madrid

The State’s Attorney’s Office raided the Casa Madrid (171 North 25th Avenue) on September 23, 1961 around 3:50pm. Twelve people were rounded up and brought to the Oak Park police station for fingerprints and mug shots. Among them were Rocco Salvatore, the chauffeur to West Side mob boss Sam Battaglia, Joseph Battaglia (Sam’s brother), 63-year old Sophie Marshall, James J. Guarine, Alfred Frederick Gehrke, Louis R. DeTrain and club owner Rocco DeGrazia. Salvatore had been handing out betting slips from behind a cage and DeTrain was tracking records of various horse races when the police burst in. Judge Hoffberg set each person’s bond at $400. Meanwhile, back at the club, police seized over $21,000 and a variety of gambling paraphernalia including racing sheets, betting slips and telephones. Nearly 100 patrons were sent home without arrest. (Source: 92-CG-1817 Salvatore)

By January 1962, the Casa Madrid’s gambling operation had moved two blocks over to a bakery. Mysteriously, few baked goods were offered for sale at the establishment. (Source: 92-CG-1817 Salvatore)

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