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Into My Arms

dedicated to [name crossed out, maybe Emma McN.]

Into my arms, my dear, my love
And over the threshold of pain we’ll go
The game of master and servant has begun
We play the games where they make the rules
Take off that tourniquet you call a wedding dress
And I’ll disrobe from this burial suit
All is consumed in our consummation
Consummation of love? Nay, of entrapment.
This legalized slavery begins and ends here
On this bed, this night, this hour, this “NOW”.
Enter my lair, says the spider to the fly
As you become mine and poison my soul.
Tied down you scream into the gag – silently
My sword unsheathed, waiting for the first penetration
I’ll cut you in two, I’ll make you bleed!!
Your innocense will wither and die in my hands

Into my arms, my dear, my love
Your corpse growing colder in each passing hour
Do you feel the water and sand lapping at my toes?
It is here that we’ll make our home, eternal
Sleep well, princess, I’ll join you in time
They’ll never take you away from me

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