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The VanOstrand-Pinkerton Family of Neenah

Dewitt Clinton (D. C.) VanOstrand was born in Liverpool, northwest New York (near Syracuse) in October 1827. His parents, Aaron and Elizabeth, had been from Connecticut.

wife Eliza Wheeler???

by 1860, he had moved to Neenah, where he lived with his wife, daughter, and mother.

Hiram Smith and D. C. VanOstrand, along with another local man, were co-founders of a combined hardware store and stove factory in 1873. Smith and VanOstrand also helped co-found the Manufacturers’ National Bank of Neenah. Smith himself was on the first Board of Directors for the bank, and he held this position from its opening in 1881 until his death in 1900, upon which VanOstrand took over the role of president.

on October 23, 1878, DC’s daughter Hattie married Burton F. Holes in Neenah. Holes was the son of William and Laura Holes of Hennette, Ohio.

on November 6, 1878, DC was remarried to Frances E. Ely in Neenah, the daughter of Colin (or Edwin) and Julia Ely.

in 1898, VanOstrand had the home at 325 Ninth Street constructed for his daughter, Laura, as a wedding present for her marriage to Lyall Pinkerton. (The home is today called the Lyall Pinkerton house.) Pinkerton was the treasurer and manager of the Jersild Knitting Company. He was also the director of the National Manufacturers Bank from 1921-1934. Laura VanOstrand Pinkerton was the first treasurer of the Daughters of the American Revolution, a charter member of the Emergency Society of Neenah and organized Neenah’s League of Women Voters in 1920. The Pinkerton residence was sold to Gilbert Paper salesman Robert Whale in 1934.

1900, lived at 413 Church Street with wife Frances and servant Minnie Race. Next door was Frank Ballister, a bank teller, who had a servant of his own (Minnie Schroeder).

D. C. VanOstrand died November 26, 1905 at age 78. His wife, Frances, passed on in November 1906, aged 62.

Edward VanOstrand passed on October 30, 1928 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho at age 68. He had left Neenah to become the Craig Mountain Lumber Company of Winchester, Idaho. He was also the president of a bank there.

Laura VanOstrand Pinkerton passed away on February 21, 1951.

The D. C. VanOstrand house at 413 Church Street became a National Historic Place on January 9, 1997.

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