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On Marriage

Sent to the P-C April 28, 2009.


With the recent news regarding Wisconsin marriage statistics — marriages declining and divorces near the peak levels of 2002 — perhaps it is time to reconsider the value of marriage as an institution. Almost 17,000 people last year alone reconsidered, and maybe they’re on to something.

I find nothing wrong with marriage in a “spiritual union” sense. If two people wish to pledge fidelity to one another for an indefinite amount of time, that’s an admirable choice, and even more remarkable if they are able to keep their vows. For raising children, there is likely no better way than to have one home rather than two. And one cannot deny the romance factor of soulmates who join their lives together to start anew.

What I find incomprehensible is people’s insistence in getting the state involved. With all due respect to the gay community, this is where they have it backwards: the answer isn’t legalized marriage for homosexuals, it is the abolishment of marriage for all. If marriage is a personal bond between two people, why do we feel that this can only be legitimate with a court-approved contract? Why do we want marriages to be categorized the same as business arrangements?

Certainly some circumstances occur where legal grounding may be necessary, such as child custody issues or for medical decisions. But these can be arranged without some form that essentially does nothing more than change how we file our taxes and ensures what could be a simple break-up becomes an expensive, drawn out affair. Keep the wedding, keep the romance, but leave the government out of it.

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