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Burger King Corporate Office

March 12, 2003

Burger King Corporate Office:
5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
Miami, FL 33126

Whom it May Concern:

I am writing today first to compliment and then to further suggest ideas concerning the Burger King 99 Cent Value Menu.

First, I must compliment you on the plethora of quality choices offered by this menu. It is the very definition of “a bounty of goodness.” I have tried them all and find it hard to choose one I like above the others. Is it the scrumptious hickory-smoked bacon cheeseburger or the mouth-watering sourdough burger? It is like choosing between my children (if I had any). And at just 99 cents, I find I can afford a quality sandwich almost any time – by simply digging under my seats or in the ashtray for a few spare nickels and dimes!

A hamburger – a good hamburger – is a goldmine of delight. A cheeseburger is so much more. The very thought of that gooey cheddar cheese and crispy bacon is making me anxious and a little bit excited. But surely you know the feeling, as we are both hamburger connoisseurs!

My only real complaint with the value menu is the fact it is 99 cents rather than a dollar. Sure, I save a penny when I choose you over McDonalds (who were fools to remove the Big N Tasty). But the math involved and the counting of change is an added burden for both myself and your employees.

I live in Outagamie County, Wisconsin where we enjoy a modest 5% sales tax. This makes the dollar easy to tax – we have increments of $1.05, $2.10, $3.15, etc. With 99 cents we are subject to the tyranny of $1.04, $2.09, $3.14, etc. which creates an unneccesary flow of pennies. Nobody likes pennies!

The math gets far more complicated when we go to Milwaukee or Green Bay, where they have an annoyingly asisine 5.5% sales tax. Trying to figure that out is unbearably awful. In this case, nobody wins, and no matter what price is charged for a burger the counting of change is required.

I will give you credit in one regard. Minnesota embraces a 6% sales tax, as I discovered when I tried to buy a deck of playing cards in St. Cloud (a beautiful town) at the local Media Play, a store owned by Best Buy. This 6% tax is a travesty to the dollar, creating the change problem again – and this time even worse! But with 99 cents we are back to the beautifully round $1.05. Oh glorious day! So I’d rather eat at Burger King in Minnesota than I would in Appleton or Green Bay, if it weren’t for the five hour drive.

I guess we just can’t win with regards to this issue as long as the taxman continues to fuck us over like our troops did to the Vietnamese at Mai Lai in the 1970s. And I can’t blame you, a quality business, for the government’s bullshit.

I am eagerly awaiting your response on this issue.



Gavin C. Schmitt
209 E. 17th St.
Kaukauna, Wi 54130

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8 Responses to “Burger King Corporate Office”

  1. George First Says:

    Looking for the info on the closed Burger King in Pompano Beach on US 1

  2. Lorraine Nadeau Says:

    I was just wondering why we don’t have a Burger King on SABATTUS ST. LEWISTON,MAINE? I know we have one on Lisbon st; lewiston, and and on Maine st. and also across the bridge in Auburn , but we do need on on upper Sabattus St. Lewiston. Maine. I also have the perfect piece of land for U>, MY place, commercial, 4 lane highway, highly travelled towards sabattus town and no close Burger King there.If U are interested , please contact me thru email or physical address and phone number.
    Thank You.
    Hubert, Lorraine Nadeau
    996 Sabattus St.
    Lewiston, Maine
    tel. 207-783-0560

  3. corey schemehorn Says:

    my name is corey schemehorn recently my fiancee and i visited a burger king in janesville wisconsin on center ave and it was the worst disgusting service i have ever had
    i have ate there before and generally the srvc is 50/50 but in the last 3 mos everytime i have went to this burger king my order was messed up i wouldnt get all the things i had payed for or the order would be completely wrong but today november 4 2008 at 4:26 this restaraunt has not only messed up my order yet again but has made me sick. standing there i watched the cashiere completely mess up the 4 orders in front of us she didnt mark the chicken wrap in the order than we turned around and asked if she had got it and she rung it up again and made us pay for it when it was her mistake for not ringing it up we clearly told her and she admitted she knew we ordered it but forgot to ring it up then while waiting for the food we observed an employee by the name of jamie or jayme wipe her nose with the back of her hand then continue handling food none of these workers had on hairnets or gloves the woman doing the french fries coughed into an open hand and continued scooping fries and then picking them up and placing them in the bag and as if this wasnt bad enough we get home and the orders not even correct i am not going to waste my time calling in as ive done this so many times and the service never gets better but i just spent 20 dollars for terrible service and the wrong order the triple whopper was to have no onion and double bacon there was no onion but guess wut there was no bacon either we had to pay for the chicken wrap and that wasnt even the chicken wrap we ended up with sum sorry excuse for a wanna be chicken taco the french fries had black shards of something or another and were cold i would appreciate it if you could either refund me for this meal fix the corrections or whatever it is you need to do but it needs to be something because making people waste there money on the wrong stuff and pay for extremely unsanitary srvc is not acceptable and if needed i wil contact the state health inspector

    Corey Schemehorn

  4. karla Says:

    Lastnight had a horrible experience that if I hadn’t been starving I would of went back to bk. The fries were horrible fried in old oil, burgers were cold I had to grill them here… very disappointed. Woke up this morning throwing up what should I do, very upset!

  5. Rick Says:

    Dear Burger King :

    I am writing today to say that I am very displeased with your new Mini-Burgers.
    I watched the advertisements on T.V. concerning the new mini burgers, and it caught my
    Eye, when this guy purchases some, and then there’s a bunch of Hot Chics all around him
    Petting his burgers and telling him how cute they are and stuff like that. Well I purchased
    Some, and No Hot Chics came to pet my burgers. I want my burgers Petted by hot chics.
    Please correct your commercial and add the statement that Hot Chics may or May not be
    Present to pet your burgers at the end or during the commercial. This is grounds for false
    Advertisement and B.K. could be sued because of this. Please let me know what you
    Can do about the hot chics petting my mini – burgers. Thanks.

    A Confused Mini-Burger Fanatic!

  6. Groves Kuykendall Says:

    Sir, I wish to express concern about my last 2 BAD experiences at one of your locations here in Baton Rouge, La.
    My Grandchildren and I visit the Jones Creek location quite often, but the last to times we have been there the people are rude, especilly one person that is VERY rude, arrogant, insulting to us. He never get an order correct, lays around on the counter taking the order, never writes it down and ALWAYES misses something. Shouts at customers, says they have an attitude, when he is the one that has this attitude. This person has a BAD problem with CUSTOMER RELATIONS and I have noticed that he is ONLY rude to one race of people, white people, not to people of his color !!
    I enjoy Burger King and the products it sells, and I FULLY believe that Burger Kind does NOT condone this type of rudeness to its customers.
    This occoured on August 22 at the Jones Creek location, and this person was the only male employee there at the time.
    Thank you,
    Groves Kuykendall

  7. Nora Smith Says:

    To whom it may
    My name is Nora Smith and I;ve been going to Burger King since I were the age of 7,pretty much I grew up on your Burgers they are the best.Growing up I always believed that your “Motto”(have it your way)well my complaint is for some reason I can not have it my way,the employess gives it to me their way.I lives on the Northwest side of Houston and there are two locations by me (1)3715 W.Littleyork and (2)7607 W.Tidwell. I ask myself”what is so hard ordering,everything except lettuce and ketchup with extra everything and mayonnaise on both side the bun.Well instead of maynonnaise it gets mustard and cheese(did not order that) with me riding the bus,I were very angry.At least my next favorite Burger place is Dairy Queen and I have no doubt that I always get it my way,going to give Burger King one last chance to get it right”My way”.

  8. charles burgin Says:

    I called over a month ago to make a complaint and I was told the district manager would get in touch with me in about a week. That call haven’t came yet makes me fill like it don’t matter about my complaint and that’s bad for buisness. I want continue spending my money at burgerking regularly like I do now.

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