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Trivia Weekend 43 Logbook

This is the running log of Trivia XLIII, at least from the point of view of my team: Autistic Kids Rock. Maybe you’ll get photos and crazy links, or maybe just boredom.

If you want boredom that’s also old (and photos that don’t load anymore), feel free to see last year’s log.

9:27 pm Friday

Trivia starts in a half hour. We have four official members: myself, Emily Schmitt, Shane Schaefer and Eric Dorn. And two unofficial members: Noam and Mandingo. Team name is (as said above): Autistic Kids Rock.

Rumor is our old team, Lucky Guess, is no longer competing (after like 26 years) and that makes me sad. Sure, we get a higher place most likely, but we also learned about trivia from these masters. They’re like our parents, only they let us stay up all night and eat junk food.

And the fun begins…

10:40 pm

A little upset. The question was something to the effect of “What syndicated comic strip features a character with the same name as a character fro ma Robert DeNiro film who burns down a structure with the same name as a featured part of a Richard Aronson story?” And the answer was Broom-Hilda. I FOUND IT with 2 minutes to spare, but we couldn’t get in the phones. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! And it was a SHUT OUT, so we would have been the only ones with points. SHIT.

11:33pm (Palindrome Hour)

12:07am (Palindrome Hour Ends)

I am posting the videos related to trivia… so unless they stop, you’re going to get a lot of this. But, remember, years from now you’ll thank me.

12:54 am Saturday, and Super Bowl Shuffle

Who played Conga Drums? Reggie Phillips!

2:38 am Saturday

Want to know where you can read a book bound in human flesh? It will cost you $230 to read it ,but you can find it at The Boston Athenaeum… which is just one more reason to live in Boston.

Ugh. 3:23 am (Snake Hour)

We’ve been missing a lot by not getting in fast enough…. I just found another one like 5 seconds after the buzzer. Ugh! We need more team members or something, at least to man the phone lines.

3:37, Still Snake Hour, First Top-Of-Header

Woo! First one I knew by heart (I usually do 5 or 6 over the weekend). “What [Appleton] area restaurant has a mural featuring a bird eating a snake?” The answer is… “El Azteca”! (Thanks, Kate… since you were the last one I attended the place with.)

3:56 am, Snake Hour Comes to an End

8:32 a.m. Saturday

I’m so tired, Chuck Norris is so wacky, and shaven photos of Britney Spears should be sent to Bill Clinton (apparently).

9:25 am Cartoon Character Hour

I like communist anthems. Oh, and two more videos:

Listen to how this girl counts:

And this is just something else…

I should start posting the videos Keeshia sent me (like 20 or so rock videos).

9:36 am

Cartoon Hour has to end so I can stop posting videos…

3:41 pm Saturday

I haven’t updated in a while. For a bit we were up at 5th (!!!) but I think we’ve slipped a bit again… and now it’s the middle of Arrested Development Hour. Woot.

7:26pm NPR Hour

“[Strom Thurmond], armed with throat lozenges and malted milk tablets, recited the voting rights laws of every state to show adequate protection existed. He also recited the Declaration of Independence and launched into a history of Anglo-Saxon juries to counter the [civil rights] bill’s proposal to allow judges to punish cases of civil contempt without a jury trial.”

8:46 pm

Last Thursday around 5 a.m., a disheveled and apparently homeless man entered a McDonald’s restaurant in Chicago to use the restroom but found it to be out of order. He then proceeded to defecate on the floor by the soda machine.

Police threats from workers got the man to leave. “He just said ‘I have to go to the bathroom’ and that is when he did it in front of the entire crew,” said Mike Sims, 57, a culinary student. The restaurant only had a few customers when it happened.

“What got me was, being a student chef, is that he took a napkin and cleaned it up and placed it on the counter where anyone can put your food and get your condiments,” said Sims. An employee started to clean the spot again when a reporter showed up.

9:20 pm

If we were an on-campus team, we could do the action questions… meaning we could act out video games such as The Guy Game or Donkey Kong!!

10:44 pm Harry Potter Sucks Hour

These guys have no shortage of Harry Potter music. It’s AWESOME, and I don’t even like Potter. I really liked Remus and the Lupins “Wizards Who Died”. Unfortunately, we suck almost as much as HP missing a really easy Stephen King question (where he bashes JK Rowling’s piss-poor use of adverbs). But we got the Harry Potter in the Hood question… and “Harry Potter and the Half-Black Chick”.

11:41pm Party Hour

Yes, I’m still awake. But I’d be passed out drunk if I was playing Lou Dobbs Power Hour.

3:17 am: Zombie Hour

Believe it or not, I am STILL awake — just too busy to post anything (it’s been just me and Shane for many hours now). And Zombie Hour is here, which is supposed to be my specialty… although the question right now is fro ma commentary track for “Resident Evil: Extinction”. Don’t own it, haven’t seen it and it’s completely unsearchable.

4:41am Sunday — Sex Hour

  • When in the thrall of pleasure does she cry out “Oh, Lenin” instead of “Oh, God.” If so she’s probably communist. All communists reject God and His mercy, choosing instead the sinful path of revolution by the industrial proletariat.
  • At the time of payment, does your lady often roll her eyes when you hand her the cash, perhaps even stating that “Money is the means by which the bourgeoisie oppress the workers and maintain their oppressive control over the means of production?”
  • As you attempt to place your penis in her vaginal cavity does she tense and mutter strange and incomprehensible phrases like “In a higher phase of communist society… only then can the narrow horizon of bourgeois right be fully left behind and society inscribe on its banners: from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” If so, she’s probably a spy.
  • Does she try to borrow your library card or attempt to sneak into the library during regular business hours? If so she probably doesn’t know that our wonderful Public Libraries are open to the public during normal business hours. Unlike in Russia, you don’t need a special pass to read books.
  • When you say a phrase like “The more the division of labor and the application of machinery extend, the more does competition extend among the workers, the more do their wages shrink together” does she heartily agree, nodding feverishly?
  • Between bouts of performing fellatio, as she pauses to draw breath, does she ask you about the functioning of the Dewey Decimal System and how information can be obtained from the American Public Library System? Only Communists and Russian spies would need to ask. All patriotic Americans already know about the Dewey Decimal System.
  • Should you ask her if kinky stuff is appropriate, such as bondage play, does she refer to the sub as the Proletariat and the dom as the Bourgeoisie?
  • After washing your private parts in the bathroom, do you return to the hotel room and find her trying to forge a copy of your library card using a sophisticated mini-camera concealed within an ordinary looking lipstick tube? Then she could be a spy.

9:21am — Zzzzzzzz

Got like a 4-hour nap (less than this, really, but good enough). Now I have to wake u pto Klaus Nomi….

9:42 am — Had a God Breakfast

Hurrah for real food. And hurrah for getting questions about “who played the title character in the first movie to feature Harry Potter, a troll and a witch?” because I’ll have you know I watched that shit-bomb just last year.

12:02 pm Sunday (12 Hours Left)

Remember, kids… Listerine will give you more booze for your buck!

One common source of breath alcohol is breath spray, as well as mouthwash — both of which contain significant amounts of alcohol. Listerine, for example, contains 27% alcohol, Scope 19% and Astring-O-Sol 76%. Even a tiny amount of this on the breath or in the throat, if multiplied by the machine 2100 times, can result in high Breathalyzer readings.


Wooooooooot! A garden gnome question (and we nailed it). I knew having Noam and Mandingo on the team would be helpful.

1:27 pm Sunday — Translations Are Fun!

Dostoevsky can be translated into English as:

“The fact is, gentlemen, it seems there must really exist something that is dearer to almost every man than his greatest advantages, or (not to be illogical) there is a most advantageous advantage (the very one omitted of which we spoke just now) which is more important and more advantageous than all other advantages, for the sake of which a man if necessary is ready to act in opposition to all laws; that is, in opposition to reason, honour, peace, prosperity—in fact, in opposition to all those excellent and useful things if only he can attain that fundamental, most advantageous advantage which is dearer to him than all. “Yes, but it’s advantage all the same,” you will retort. But excuse me, I’ll make the point clear, and it is not a case of playing upon words. What matters is, that this advantage is remarkable from the very fact that it breaks down all our classifications, and continually shatters every system constructed by lovers of mankind for the benefit of mankind.”

And continued as:

“One’s own free unfettered choice, one’s own caprice, however wild it may be, one’s own fancy worked up at times to frenzy—is that very “most advantageous advantage” which we have overlooked, which comes under no classification and against which all systems and theories are continually being shattered to atoms.”

But it can also be rendered as:

“One’s own free and voluntary wanting, one’s own caprice, however wild, one’s own fancy, though chafed sometimes to the point of madness-all this is that same most advantageous advantage, the omitted one, which does not fit into any classification, and because of which all systems and theories are constantly blown to the devil.”

So, kids, Russian into English is rather flexible. Especially when using flowery language. (Смерть к Израилю!)

2:09 pm — Existentialism Hour Ends

I deserve a kick in the box. I was able to pretty much run the gauntlet on this hour due to trivial knowledge on existential thinkers (such as Paul Tillich and deBeauvoir). But worst now is: “The band of a man named Bruzzoni has a song that will be familiar to existentialist historians.” Shane found the band (Port Royal), and I saw their song list on MySpace… “Regine Olsen” instantly jumped out as the woman Kierkegaard proposed to. SHAME ON ME AND MY LAMENESS.

4:12pm Sunday, Post-Radical Hour

“Do you think the Counting Crows are derivative neo-hippie self-indulgent hacks, providing a lifestyle soundtrack for annoying, self-aware yuppies in training?”

6:13pm — Able Was I Ere I Saw Elba

Harry Potter Sucks Hour returns!


Driving with no sleep is as bad (or worse) than driving drunk. Don’t do it!

11:31pm Sunday to the End: Garrudas

There’s a series of garrudas this year ranging from ten points up to the big one. I will provide them for your trivia pleasure.

1. (10 points) Q: What was Jim Morrison’s passport number? A: J9OOO83.

2. (20 points) Q: What the third place prize for the on-campus team in the 1974 trivia contest? A: Two tickets to a football game of the Saints against the Rams, in 1972.

3. (30 points) Q: At her farewell concert at the Ravinia in Chicago […] delaRoucha (??) forgot what? A: […] Bach’s Concerto BEW971 (??).

4. (40 points) Q: What is on the 4 of hearts of the classic deck of the Illusions in Art cards made by Y&B Associates, Inc.? A: Giuseppe Arcimboldo, “Water”, 1568.

5. Q: Oprah’s 1969 yearbook photo appears on page […]; who appears on the opposite page as Junior Class President? A: Fred Crowen.

6. (100 points) Q: In the Citadel of Opportunity section of an invitation to the International Olympic Committee to celebrate the 19th Olympiad at Detroit, Michigan, USA, there is a photo of a girl wearing a sign around her neck; this signs bears the name of what notable figure? A: Josephine Baker.

Final Standings, 2008

Due to Nudge getting a Garruda correct, we fell from 8th to 9th in the last hour… well done, Nudge! The top teams off-campus this year were:

  1. Bank of Kaukauna, Well Past our Subprime 1325
  2. 6 Feet Under 1210
  3. Subprime Iowans with a Wider Stance 1190
  4. Trivia Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything 1155
  5. Do Vegetarians eat Animal Crackers? 1045
  6. Too Much Trivia in the Pants 980
  7. Armadillo Appreciation Society 925
  8. Nudge 850
  9. Autistic Kids Rock 840
  10. The Team that must not be named 840
  11. Team 108, formerly 107 820
  12. Jabberwocky 805
  13. McCloud’s Waaagh! 750
  14. Skull Squadron 730
  15. Hobgoblins of Little Minds 695
  16. Ackbar & Jeff Trivia Sausage 680
  17. Presidential Erection 645
  18. John Doe 620
  19. Unexplained Bacon 605
  20. Tom Selleck’s Moustache Ride 590

Epilogue: Post-Crescent Article

The Bank of Kaukauna racked up its eighth consecutive off-campus title over the weekend in Lawrence University’s 43rd Great Midwest Trivia Contest.

With 1,325 points, The Bank finished comfortably ahead of runner-up Six Feet Under, which tallied 1,210 points. Subprime Iowans was third with 1,160 points.

The win was the 10th in the past 12 years for the Kaukauna-based team, which received a broken telephone signed by all the trivia masters as a first-place prize.

Bucky’s made it six straight wins among on-campus student teams, edging Morgan Freeman and the North Side, 1,168-1,113. Finishing third on campus was 1972 Soviet Baskyetbol with 1,029 points. Bucky’s was awarded a Batman stocking for its win.

A total of 366 questions were asked during the 50-hour contest that ended at midnight Sunday. Twelve on-campus and 72 off-campus teams participated during the weekend.

No team was able to answer this year’s “Super Garruda,” the contest’s final question, which asked: “In the ‘Citadel of Opportunity’ section of ‘An Invitation to the International Olympic Committee to celebrate the XIX Olympiad at Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.,’ there is a photograph of a girl wearing a sign around her neck. This sign bears the name of what notable figure?” The answer was Josephine Baker.

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