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The Adopt-a-Mobster Program

As outlined elsewhere, the FBI generally charges me $15 for each file they send. Sometimes they send me a free one, but more often than not I end up paying. These costs add up.

I tried to think of a way that would encourage people to invest in my research, and I think I just might have found the way: the Adopt-a-Mobster program. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: You donate $15 by sending it via Paypal to or handing it to me. (You can donate more than $15, but you cannot adopt multiple mobsters, so this is not to your advantage.)

Step 2: An FBI file arrives in the mail.

Step 3: I pay for the file with your donation.

Sounds good for me, right? But what do you get out of it? Here’s what you get: you now “own” the information on the mob figure from the FBI file. So whenever I mention this person in future books, magazine articles or elsewhere, you get credited in the acknowledgements. You do not get paid, you do not get free copies of the book / article, but if I write about the person 100 times, you get 100 credits. (You can have a free copy of the FBI file if you wish.)

Mobsters Adopted Thus Far:


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  1. Steve Cideg Says:

    Don’t forget to look into Sam Cerro who was the mafia boss of Madison for many years. His daughter, Kathy Cerro, still owns one of the only known outright brothels to exist in WI: The Geisha House on E. Washington Ave. in Madison.

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