This article was last modified on February 10, 2003.

State-Sponsored Misery

How is it that one day,
which is like all others in most ways,
can uplift or crush a man
depending on his situation?
Wal-Mart offers instant success
at a mere $1.24 – but
will it save me? Will
it fulfill my desires?
Fuck no. Only the already
happy man will get any
reward for this gesture.
I’d get reamed a new asshole.
I like the original just fine,
thank you.
Fate is a brutal beast
dragging a soul-less corpse
over rugged rocks and shards
of glass.
Is the happiness at the end
worth the infinite pain
inflicted by this demon?
Sometimes I wonder.
But I’ll let myself be
dragged until there is
nothing left. Right now, it’s worth it.

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