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The Legend of Radio Bob

Robert “Radio Bob” Johnson

August 1948, was believed to be in Mukegon, Michigan in order to avoid a subpoena for a John Doe hearing on gambling

October 1961, Radio Bob (2035 West Walnut Street) and Charles “Smokey” Gooden (2041 North 7th Street) started a policy game. They were backed financially by someone else (name redacted). In order to avoid police detection, they used stations to pick up bets rather than go through gamblers individually. One such station was the Playboy’s Lounge, 1242 North 12th Street.

By December 1, 1961, one of Radio Bob’s runners was arrested. He had been caught following a surveillance on Bob’s car from the Vice Squad. The runner denied Bob was connected to the policy slips the police found, so he was not charged.

February 1962, Radio Bob was operating a card and dice game at 613 West Lloyd Street.

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