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Dorothy Crooker, Superior’s Dirty Dame

born 1901 in Michigan

married Sam Crooker, another Michigan native, around 1919

Dorothy Crooker became a prostitute after marrying Sam, and within a few years became a madam, a title she held for 30 years.

Sam and Police Chief Arthur Buchanan were friends, and had vacationed together in Hot Springs, Arkansas

1940, lived at 1608 North 3rd Street in Superior

1957-1963, she operated the St. Paul Rooms, 1608 North 3rd Street.

August 6, 1957, Crooker was contacted by Special Agents LeGrand and Huhta, and she said she only had one girl working at that time.

January 1962, testified in U.S. District Court in Duluth

Mrs. Mary Jane Koshney of Duluth testified that she was held against her will in Superior

A jury deliberated for four hours on January 11, 1962, before finding Crooker guilty of white slavery. Crooker was convicted along with Superior residents Henry L. Delias, 60, and Theodore F. Saunders, 49.

February 20, 1962, Judge Gunnard Nordbye sentenced Crooker to four years in prison and fined her $2500.

died roughly October 1963

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