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On American Movies (Take 2)

The following letter was sent to the Post-Crescent on November 27, 2006 (and published December 1):

I have read in the hallowed pages of the Post-Crescent over the years many condemnations of Hollywood and what many see as a “liberal” bias or agenda. Most recently, John Hyland joined the ranks of these critics with his call about Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed”. If the concern was over the effect of violence or profanity on children I would just shrug my shoulders and sigh, but somehow now these action films are the source of international terrorism. I chuckled silently; apparently, Hyland’s actually a clever comedian with a sarcastic wit along the lines of Stephen Colbert.

Those like Hyland say (obviously in jest) that other countries hate America because our movies tend to have excessive violence and potty language. These morally bankrupt films, and not our oppressive and violent foreign policy, are the reason our troops are being killed and our cities threatened. I do seem to recall a press release issued by bin Laden in 1998 (and this is verbatim): “While I do not mind the smug godlessness of America, or its raping of my people and homeland, I must protest the sacrilege of Hollywood. Specifically, I call jihad on Quentin Tarantino and all those who purchased tickets for ‘Pulp Fiction’!”

If American films are the source of our threatened cities, I fear the destruction that will be brought upon France, Germany and Japan in the coming years. Have you seen the vulgarly scintillating films these countries produce? They’re tantalizingly sinful! My prayers are with you, decadent Europe.

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