This article was last modified on February 2, 2003.

Exit Fresh, Bakery Ten

I would like to kill that fucking
Scottish cocksucker
I know who you are
I will fuck your shit up
By the way, I’d change the
stars for J– K–
If you sleep on a futon,
I will wait behind the door
with a kitchen knife and put
it to your throat
I hate you with the passion
of Tatooine’s two suns
Fuck you, asshole
You made my life get wiped
out and thrown away like
toilet paper
I would do anything to
get my life back
Speaking of J– K–
I think I would like to
bend her over a chair and
treat her like a woman
That would be fine — as
fine as she is.
But you made my woman
leave me, and for that I
will never forgive you.

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