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Andy Blood on Prostitution

I have long been fascinated by prostitution; it’s causes, it’s prevalence, and particularly the laws surrounding it are something that intrigues me. It’s both a blight on society and an ever-present, timeless entity — as much an integral part of society as anything else. Causing us to rethink our moral values while we re-affirm the very economic values it stresses.

On May 30, 2006, I received an e-mail from documentarian Andy Blood, who had enjoyed a prior piece I wrote on prostitution, “How Prostitution Can Save America” (which, as of this writing, is grossly inadequate). I kicked the e-mail around a year, wondering how I could parlay it into an essay or article. Nothing materialized.

So now, I feel the best I can offer is for Blood to speak for himself. I give you his e-mail, and encourage you to find a copy of his documentary if this topic interests you.

Message From Andy Blood

“I have just completed a dozen street interviews with prostitutes for a documentary on homelessness. Most of the women I saw were drug addicts, usually hooked on crack cocaine. They were mostly sad, and occasionally miserable. One woman was suicidal — but I saw her a few nights later and she was much more cheerful. Several of them have cleaned up in the past. They all go back to crack (a good high for little money) because the straight life is unbearable.”

“None of them can get a job that pays a living wage. One girl said she could go home to her parents any time she wants (she’s 26) but she can’t stand living under a curfew. The living wage is gone for millions of Americans.”

“None of these women has a pimp. This is how it works: A group of pathetic male addicts get an apartment. None of them can make enough money to pay for the place and get drugs. They send a woman out (whom they are often abusive to) to sell sex, and she can usually sleep on the floor or couch and get her fix. One woman said that if she gets a bed she has to do sex and it’s not worth it.”

“The women make $200 a day and night, at about $20 per john.
None of them look like Hollywood hookers. They wear nondescript clothing and own nothing at all of value. Most of them have bad teeth. Their lives are terrible, but they prefer this kind of life to the straight life. At least there is a high.”

For More Information…

For more information, I strongly encourage you to contact Andy Blood through his website at Wolf Gang Pictures. We may not ever be able to eliminate prostitution, but we can certainly improve the conditions of our lower class.

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