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Letter to Milwaukee Police, April 27, 1954

The following letter was sent to the Milwaukee Police Department on April 27, 1954. One copy was made for handwriting expert Orville Livingston (who was unable to identify the writer) and another for FBI Agent Joe Peggs. The writing is very similar to that in the letter to Doyle Getter and I strongly suspect it was the same author.

The DiTrapani murder is a closed case because the police Dept. hasn’t the intimate source of information to touch the local MAFIA.

For instance, you can’t prove Johny sold illegal whiskey. To some extent he did pay off for Hijack and imported liquors. But – as a perfectly legal gesture – when taverns or dealers were selling out, he purchased liquor in wholesale quantities at a low price. Having control of this business in the state, between here and Chicago, Detroit, etc., it enabled him to be able to sell in retail to the tavern keepers at a partial discount. That’s neither here nor there.

The main issue seems to have been ignored or put aside by the newspaper and police dept. Johny invested in some oil wells. The day he was killed he imparted information that 6 wells came through and a vast amount of money (I don’t want to quote) was placed in his wife’s account. He considered it safe in his wife’s name, but what the revenue dept. and MAFIA couldn’t do with a partial sum of that money. Johny’s mistake was talking too much to his pals who were also Italiano’s in the tavern business.

Italians are your friends for life as long as you don’t double cross them, and Johny was a great one for crossing the wrong people. He believed in answering to no one but Johny DiTrapani.

Ask the short dark haired bartender at the Holliday House who Johny talked to the night he was killed. It really wouldn’t reveal a thing as he was to meet someone later but it would establish the fact that he was at the Holliday.

Also find out why they deny that Johny was at the La Tosca. He ate there and DiMaggio talked to him.

There are 7 places, which we know for certain, that Johny stopped at March 17th. The proprietor’s in these places know the answer t Johny’s death. They all liked him, would have liked to help him, but he was dangerous to their way of life. The word was out that he had to be eliminated.

All of these close friends are carrying guns – one of them had orders to kill DiTrapani. The named wouldn’t be important for a man is easily replaced. The MAFIA is your murderer. It has been strong in the past but is becoming stronger in Milwaukee now. In 5 years we will become a close pattern of Chicago. I doubt if it can be stopped. But my writing this letter can only show that there are citizens who do care about their city. Though we can do little we do think – much good it can do any of us.

Thank you for your time –

Just another servant

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