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46 Similarities Between Jesus and Horus

The following was adapted and expanded based on an article available from, which has their own sources. Upon revision, each point here will be fleshed out and this will hopefully be more of an essay than a list. As it stands, this list is hardly original… but revised, will hopefully be more authoritative and objective than many of the Christ-bashing pages out there. My goal is not to bash anyone or any belief, but merely to offer some ideas and views to contemplate.

1a. Jesus was conceived of a virgin. (Matthew 1:23 and Luke 1:27)

1b. Horus was conceived of a virgin. (source unknown)

2a. Jesus was the “only begotten son” of the god Yahweh. (Mark 1:11)

2b. Horus was the “only begotten son” of the god Osiris. (source unknown)

3a. The mother of Jesus was Mary. Sometimes referred to as Maria (Gospel of Mark) or Miriam.

3b. The mother of Horus was Meri. (source unknown)

4a. The foster father of Jesus was Joseph.

4b. The foster father of Horus was Seph. (chapter 29A of the Egyptian Book of the Dead)

5a. Joseph was of royal descent, being from the House of David.

5b. Seph was of royal descent. (source unknown)

6a. Jesus was born in cave. (Some accounts say Jesus was born in a manger in a barn or stable.)

6b. Horus was born in a cave. (source unknown)

7a. The coming birth of Jesus was announced to Mary by an angel. (Luke 1:34)

7b. The coming birth of Horus was announced to his mother by an angel. (source unknown)

8a. The birth of Jesus was heralded by a star in the East (where the Sun rises in the morning). (Matthew 2:2 and Matthew 2:9)

8b. The birth of Horus was heralded by the star Sirius (the morning star). (source unknown)

9a. Modern Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25. (This coincides with a variety of pagan holidays, not just Horus. Most obvious, of course, is the Winter Solstice.)

9b. Ancient Egyptians celebrated the birth of Horus on the Winter Solstice (December 21/22).

10a. The birth of Jesus was announced by an angel. (Luke Chapter 2)

10b. The birth of Horus was announced by an angel. (source unknown)

11a. Jesus was visited by shepherds at his birth. (Luke Chapter 2)

11b. Horus was visited by shepherds at his birth. (source unknown)

12a. Jesus was visited by magi (astrologers or wise men) at his birth. Tradition says there were three of them. (Matthew Chapter 2)

12b. Horus was visited by “three solar deities” art his birth. (source unknown)

13a. After the birth of Jesus, Herod tried to have him murdered. (Matthew 2:16)

13b. After the birth of Horus, Herut tried to have him murdered. This may be more of a coincidence, as the Herod in the time of Jesus is a historical figure. (source unknown)

14a. To hide from Herod, an angel tells Joseph to “arise and take the young child and his mother and flee into Egypt.” (Matthew 2:13)

14b. To hide from Herut, the god That tells Isis, “Come, thou goddess Isis, hide thyself with thy child.”

15a. When Jesus (and other Jews) come of age, they have a special ritual called a Bar Mitzvah.

15b. When Horus came of age, he had a special ritual where hsi eye was restored.

16a. Jesus was 12 at his coming-of-age ritual.

16b. Horus was 12 at his coming-of-age ritual.

17a. Jesus has no official recorded history between age 12 and 30.

17b. Horus has no official recorded history between age 12 and 30.

18a. Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan. (Matthew 3:6, Mark 1:5)

18b. Horus was baptized in the river Eridanus.

19a. Jesus was baptized at age 30.

19b. Horus was baptized at age 30.

20a. Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. (Matthew, Mark and Luke)

20b. Horus was baptized by Anup the Baptizer.

21a. John was later beheaded. (Matthew Chapter 14, Mark Chapter 6)

21b. Anup was later beheaded.

22a. Jesus was taken from the desert in Palestine up a high mountain to be tempted by his arch-nemesis Satan. (Mark 1:13)

22b. Horus was taken from the desert of Amenta up a high mountain to be tempted by his arch-rival Set.

23a. Jesus successfully resists.

23b. Horus successfully resists.

24a. Jesus has 12 disciples, although their names are in dispute.

24b. Horus has 12 disciples.

25a. Jesus walked on water (Matthew 14:22, Mark 6:45, John 6:16), cast out demons (Mark 7:26), healed the sick (Matthew 4:23, Mark 1:32), and restored sight to the blind (John Chapter 9).

25b. Horus walked on water, cast out demons, healed the sick, and restored sight to the blind.

26a. Jesus commanded the sea to be still by saying, “Peace, be still.” (Luke 8:25)

26b. Horus “stilled the sea by his power.”

27a. Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave. (John 11:38)

27b. Horus raised his dead father (Osiris) from the grave. (Note the similarity in names when you say them out loud. Further, Osiris was also known as Asar, which is El-Asar in Hebrew, which is El-Asarus in Latin.)

28a. Lazarus was raised, or at least lived, in Bethany (literally, “house of Anu”). (John 12:1)

28b. Osiris was raised in the town of Anu.

29a. Jesus delivered a Sermon on the Mount.

29b. Horus delivered a Sermon on the Mount.

30a. Jesus was crucified.

30b. Horus was crucified.

31a. Jesus was crucified next to two thieves.

31b. Horus was crucified next to two thieves.

32a. Jesus was buried in a tomb. (John 19:42)

32b. Horus was buried in a tomb.

33a. Jesus was sent to Hell and came back “three days” later (although Friday night to Sunday morning in our modern tradition is hardly three days).

33b. Horus was sent to Hell and resurrected in 3 days.

34a. Jesus had his resurrection announced by women. (The blog MarkAndMore would like to point out that Mark 16:8 says, “And they went out quickly, and fled from the sepulcher; for they trembled and were amazed: neither said they any thing to any man; for they were afraid.” In this version, the women never made the announcement.)

34b. Horus had his resurrection announced by women.

35a. Jesus is said to return for a 1000-year reign. (Revelation 20:4)

35b. Horus is said to return for a 1000-year reign.

36a. Jesus was known as the Christ (which means “anointed one”).

36b. Horus is known as KRST, the anointed one.

37a. Jesus has been called the good shepherd (John 10:11, 10:14), the lamb of God (John 1:29, 1:36), the bread of life (John 6:35, John 6:48), the son of man (many places), the Word, the fisher, and the winnower.

37b. Horus has been called the good shepherd, the lamb of God, the bread of life, the son of man, the Word, the fisher, and the winnower.

38a. Jesus is associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces (the fish).

38b. Horus is associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces (the fish).

39a. Jesus is associated with the symbols of the fish, the beetle, the vine, and the shepherd’s crook.

39b. Horus is associated with the symbols of the fish, the beetle, the vine, and the shepherd’s crook.

40a. Jesus was born in Bethlehem (“the house of bread”). (Matthew 2:1)

40b. Horus was born in Anu (“the place of bread”).

41a. The infant Jesus was carried into Egypt to escape the wrath of Herod. Concerning the infant Jesus, the New Testament states the following prophecy: “Out of Egypt have I called my son.” (See Point 13) (Matthew 2:15)

41b. The infant Horus was carried out of Egypt to escape the wrath of Typhon.

42a. Jesus was transfigured on the mount.

42b. Horus was transfigured on the mount.

43. The catacombs of Rome have pictures of the infant Horus being held by his mother, not unlike the modern-day images of “Madonna and Child.”

44. Noted English author C. W. King says that both Isis and Mary are called “Immaculate”.

45. Jesus says: “Now is the Son of Man glorified and God is glorified in him. If God is glorified in him, God will glorify the Son in himself, and will glorify him at once.”

45b. Horus says: “Osiris, I am your son, come to glorify your soul, and to give you even more power.”

46a. Jesus is identified with the Tau (cross).

46b. Horus was identified with the Tau (cross).

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107 Responses to “46 Similarities Between Jesus and Horus”

  1. Hatshepsut Says:

    Thank you for actually having the guts to tell this undeniable story! The masses have been led astray, to remove us from the truth! May Ra Bless, Hotep!

  2. clyde simkins Says:

    Can yo taking this on faith?

  3. Paul Adkin Says:

    The problem I find with the Horus-Christ link lies in where the information on Horus life comes from. From the analogy made here it could be assumed that the Christ story is a rehash of a much older Horus myth. However, we have to be careful before making such an assumption. The Horus myth is very complicated because there were many “Horus” deities, each one having its peculiar legends. Hardly any of these details mentioned of the Horus myth here can be found in the myth I know of “Horus the Elder” (the one inscribed on that coffin). So, my question is, where do these so called details of the Horus myth come from? Or, more importantly, what period do they come from? Might not they be a revision of the Horus myth under the influence of Christianity?
    If someone can give footnotes to reference the time and place of these legends, it would be very helpful in making them more credible.

  4. gavin Says:

    Paul Adkin has a valid point. This list is poorly sourced and if I ever revise it, certainly my top priority would be to cite more specific sources.

  5. anonymous Says:

    good site :) Thanks for the information :)

  6. Ivy Says:

    You should read up on Horus some more. Try “Egyptian Mythology” by Pinch or Dr. Brier’s course from the Teaching Company. You’ve got his story completely wrong. He’s a wonderful and facinating figure and I think you’ll like encountering the real Horus.

  7. annie pamonla Says:

    do u know his age?(how old did he lived to?????)

  8. Mark Anthony Says:

    I am an advid truth seeker. Tell me, do you find the bible to be plagerized? Did Israel take with them the ancient mythology of their supposed masters? Such as with kabala is babylonian based?

  9. julie Says:

    Im heading the same route well done:-) what i would like to know is is set satan? and what about these physchic vampires as im an empath and swear ive met one, i looked virtually at his soul through his eyes like a ball of fire kinda scary and i saw a small version of him crying saying help me. Wonder if you knew anything. Thanks Julie

  10. Rhys Adams Says:

    Brilliant! I never knew some of these facts. It’s a government/alien/Church/evil overlord conspiracy! P.S. Set was the god of the underworld I believe.

  11. anonymous Says:

    that is not fifty reasons… i dont like your simple maths

  12. thomas Says:

    Thank you for the post on your webpage. However, can you provide any proof that your list is accurate? I have seen this list on many webpages elsewhere, and Im led to believe that this is not your own work, but a copy/paste of what many similar webpages talk about. I wish nothing more than for the claims on this webpage to be true, that Jesus is actually just a copy of Horus, but many of the claims you present here is not just provable. Can you provide me with any citable sources for this list, and please not just links to other webpages that have this list, Ive seen enough of those. There are a few points on this list I agree to, i.e. that Horus was from rolay descent, but a few of your claims are just plain wrong as far as I can see. The virgin birth, that he was born in a cave and that mother Isis was called “Meri” etc is just things I cannot verify to be true. Can you please (!) provide me with information that actually substantiates your claims? Making a list of supposed similarities between Horus and Jesus is meaningless, unless you back it up with some kind of evidence/independant sources. Thank you and all the best – Thomas

  13. Daneil Struse Says:

    Your “facts” are plain wrong. Yes they match the Jesus of the Roman Mithric Church becuase they took the paganism and mixed it with Yeshua of the Bible. However Jesus as not born in a cave, He wae born in a manger in a Sukkoth. He was not born on Dec 25 that is just the Mithric date given by the church. He was born in the Fall at the Feast of Tabernacles. “The heavens declare the glory of YHWY (god)” The story of the messiah was written in the start at the start of time. The pagen star gazers knew this but chose to whorship the stars instead of the Creator. I could go on and on. Remember there is a differance between the Yeshua in the Bible as you read it for your self and the Jesus the church has brainwashed the world with.

  14. capt lee Says:

    how many commenters failed the math test? Interesting article, will check out the facts further. one question, why is there no mention of Jesus in any writing prior to Constantine? You would think some of the miracles would have at least been given an honorable mention!!!

  15. matt Says:

    i just would like to know where you got your information so i can read about it. i think it is absurd to believe something without investigation. feel free to email me your sources if you have them handy

  16. J Says:

    None of this is true. “Mari” and “Jo-seph” are completely made up. as well as other things. And I’m an athetist. You’re just a dumb fuck

  17. Mark Says:

    The Bible does not claim that three wise men visited Jesus, it gives no number at all, rather it says only that he was visited by wise men. The number three has been popularized by modern culture and has no basis in fact whatsoever.

  18. MrZero Says:

    I thought that the father and mother of Osiris were Geb and Nut. z

  19. jaff Says:

    hey mark…im sorry but none of the bible has any basis in fact whatsoever…so the number three is equally accurate as any number…and that level of accuracy (for both) is none…but i do agree a lot of the facts are BS….

  20. fucker Says:

    FUCK YOU, loser. wasting people’s time and intellect with bullshit that is not testified in any decent literature. people like you should die a thousand deaths.

  21. Jennifer Says:

    Very interesting…not sure if all of these facts are believable, but it was a good idea anyway


    WOW !!! I never knew that about Horus and Jesus. I still believe that there was a istorical Jesus but that he was more or less a quasi philosopher/political activist. He certainly was not a god. Thanks for your interesting article.

  23. anonymous Says:

    there are only 46 similarities, not 50. Other than that, I love this article. I am an atheist and am glad to see the falsehoods of Christianity exposed.

  24. Mark Says:

    The Horus myth is 1500 BC. Herod wasn’t alive til 1450 years later. His tomb has been found and coins barring his inscriptions. John the Baptist was also written about extensively and came a long much later. It would appear the Horus myth must have had some additions from the story of Christ then. The Horus myth predates these men by 1500 years but has these men that really existed as part of his story? Simple math test folks :)

  25. Odin Says:

    so, this was a very interesting article its seems however to have a few holes, first of all there are some inconsistencies in the translations of the names, It is rather unlikely that the current names for people and places can be directly applied. In these days it is becoming more difficult to write history incorrectly. There does exist very interesting parallels that cannot be ignored, you definitely need to provide proof as has been previously commented upon.

  26. Stumbler Says:

    Yes a Herod existed, but like the biblical Babylonians to the real ones, the accounts differ. There is no record of Herod giving the order the bible attributes to him. It’s also worth noting that the EARLIEST of the new testaments dates to 60AD, the latest of them dates to about 120AD, the four in the bible aren’t connected until 190AD and the bible itself isn’t connected up until aobut 380AD by Constantine and the Roman Empire.

  27. pyrophyter Says:

    These many similarities might be believable if you hadn’t lied to make it sound more convincing. However, any real truth seeker will expect more than just your word and will expose your deceit through their personal research. And as you would find by researching on your own, key events in Christ’s life were made known well in advance of his birth which would make it quite easy to create mythical copycats. As for your agenda, those of us whose belief goes beyond faith have had personal experiences that to any scientist would prove without a doubt the existence of a God and would only perpetuate his research. Sadly few unbelievers will take the small steps needed to validate this fact.

  28. anonymous Says:

    Horus was not sent to Hel. Hel is a Norse Goddess.

  29. Vincent Says:

    There’s an interesting movie on with the name “Zetigeist” that also mentions many similarities between different religions and the source leads to ancient astrology.

  30. anonymous Says:

    is any of this accurate?

  31. Chris Says:

    Interesting, I’ll have to look into this. You should note though, that on 33 when he says “hardly 3 days” that to that culture one day is half of our day (daylight is a day and nighttime is a day) which explains the three day thing.

  32. derF Says:

    I found this interesting, Gavin. Thanks for putting it together. Some previous comments requested academic style citations. Though it isn’t really my place to provide citation for your article, I thought this web-site might be of interest. Cheers.

  33. derF Says:

    Oops… the web-site didn’t carry over. I’ll make an other effort. If this doesn’t work google Devils From Heaven. this is from derf

  34. Tony Gadaleta Says:

    If true and I have no reason to doubt the comparisons between Horus and Jesus contained infra, it sort of confirmed the compelling theory that modern Christian credo appeared to have been substantially borrowed from the early Egyptians When my dear wife and I toured Egypt yonks ago I remember well our tour guide, a 30ish a multi-lingual well spoken young erudite man who said he held a masters’ degree in Egyptian antiquities and was part way through his Doctorate – which I had no reason to doubt or disbelieve. Upon our frequent discourses which essentially amounted to passive interrogation of his knowledge (more by habit than conscious intention as I am a retired senior detective/investigator) I was left with the distinct impression there was a case to answer by Christian if not Jewish religious scholars for gross plagiarism of early Egyptian religious belief structures. I must say I wasn’t really surprised by this because if you’ve been around as long as I have nothing really surprises me except of course if the creationists views of reality turn out to be true and then, only mildly  One of the first principles you learn as a trainee detective is nothing is fact until proven to be so which is underscored by the tenet “Don’t believe in co-incidences” If it looks, smells, tastes and feels fishy, it’s a bloody fish.

  35. Joseph Agius Says:

    If you watch the movie (part one) ont this site

  36. Gavin Says:

    Wow. A lot of comments… yes, it lacks citations and yes, it’s not work I can really claim credit for (as I said in the introduction). All this attention lately causes me to want to update this. (Though, I must sadly say the address might be different.)

  37. Samuel Williams Says:

    I have only researched this on Wikepedia so far. I mentions none of what you have stated here. Second Horus had the head of an eagle and was never human. I will continune to do some more research.

  38. Interesting.... Says:

    It makes an interesting assumption, but with no sources, the same could be said of anyone.

  39. Tyler Says:

    Yes! Watch the zeitgeist movie posted above!!!! The story of Jesus and Horus and many other religions are merely a story based on astrology…thats it. Watch part one of the movie and see….you can also check sources there.

  40. Spirit of the Age Says:

    Horus was not the only one as detailed in this film its free and it will change the way you look at the world and your future.

  41. pj Says:

    aaahh – this guy is prolly one of the zeitgeist people — unreliable facts. they compared Jesus to myths and dead gods. interesting comparison — but not true +_= i say “Horus” = bogus Lol .. jokes

  42. Aaron Says:

    Jaff… the bible absolutely has basis in fact. Some of the most fundamental laws of physics are apparent right from the beginning, in Genesis 1. Facts that history even re-discovered after a time when they were forgotten, such as the spherical shape of the world and the third law of thermodynamics, etc… Plus, the more advancements made in sciences such as molecular biology and astrophysics, the clearer we are, as an intelligent race, that the creator which the bible talks about (YHWH) does exist. HONEST, scientific and objective investigation of the properties and design of the universe will lead absolutely ANYONE to God.
    Therefore, the rest of your argument is nullified. What makes you think the bible has no basis in fact? Prove it.

    19. jaff Says:
    July 13th, 2007 at 9:18 am

    hey mark…im sorry but none of the bible has any basis in fact whatsoever…so the number three is equally accurate as any number…and that level of accuracy (for both) is none…but i do agree a lot of the facts are BS….

  43. for the noobs Says:

    wikipedia is not a legit source of informational facts. so for those of you doing research there to prove something, best look somewhere else.

  44. Graham Says:

    I’m sorry, but as an Ex-Christian and an atheist, i must beg to differ.
    Its Very Inaccurate.
    Do some real research.
    There are similarities.
    I mean boats on the catholic island of Malta have the Eye of Osiris to ward off evil spirits..
    but its probably transition from Pagan to Catholic…and it stuck, because of Superstition.
    Peasants were very scared of God, because they were poor and stupid and Bishops were rich and intelligent.

    Also 33a. Jesus was sent to Hell ..(ok mate why would the son of god be sent to hell –_– )
    6a. Jesus was born in cave. (okey…) its a stable manger .

    Look i dont have time to stay looking through ur bullshit…but if you want to go around
    bible bashing like i did and read the bible first.

  45. gavin Says:

    Graham, please read:

    Christ, according to the Creed, went to hell. He was also born in a cave. Was there a stable/manger in the cave? Perhaps. But it’s a cave just the same.

  46. Mark O' Reilly Says:

    its not just Horus, the story of jesus shares equally shocking similarities with many other historical and mythical figures-

    greece, Attis. 1200bc
    born on dec 25th of a virgin, crucified, dead for 3 days and rose again.

    india, Krishna- 900bc
    born of a virgin, signaled by a star in the east, was resurrected.

    greece, dionysus-500bc
    born of a virgin on dec 25th, traveled about as a teacher doing miracles, turned water into wine,
    called the ‘king of kings’ ‘the alpha and omega’ and other jesus nick names lol
    died and was resurrected.

    persia, mithra- 1200bc
    born of a virgin on dec 25th, had 12 disciples, performed miracles, was buried for 3 days and resurrected. had all the names too ‘the truth’ ‘the light’ etc..
    his day of worship was sunday too.

    there’s alot more besides.

    hope that helps, keep up the good work. :)

    i believe the story of jesus and others relates to astrological events worshiped and personified in these stories by pagan religions.
    taken and used by christianity to weaken pagan beliefs.
    in the same way that pagan gods were molded together into the devil
    and churches were built on sacred pagan sites.

    the stories of moses and noah also can be seen in other early religions.
    a little less definatly than jesus. but an interesting study none the less.

    feel free to email me about it, religion’s always been a hobby of mine i’d appreciate the opportunity to shoot some ideas off somebody with similear beliefs.

  47. 64fanatic Says:

    How do I email you if you don’t post it >_>

  48. sam Says:

    you know i do like how with the facts… all the stuff about Jesus is backed up with scripture and Horus is backed up with “unknown” haha.. which means… that the historical documents of Horus could have easily been doctored… and the same with the other similarities with the other “gods”.. because mark i also saw that you tube video you’re quoting… honestly.. if theres enough chance that there are similarities between all of them.. there is also a chance in the coincidence that others had copied from the Bible… and again the Bible did speak of these events much prior to the birth of Christ. Not in any way am i bashing.. i think it’s great that you’re lookin into the facts… tells u want the truth… but like othjers said.. id like to know the stuff to back up these facts about the other gods becasue clearly Jesus is backed by the Bible and other historical documents speak of Jesus… yet the Bible never once speaks of the other gods nor does any other culture mention the other gods as well.. and honestly it does come down to faith.. that you believe in the right thing.. i know to some that may seem dumb.. but i have enough faith and trust in my God that i am beleiveing in the right thing…

  49. Aslan Says:

    Its a valid subject, and a valid point. It is logical that time and the need for/to control populations would have created an evolution in terms of religion. It is obvious that humanity needs to worship a deity they can relate to; an object or a person. It is more obvious still that the ruling powers do not create, they merely copy the formula of the last. The reality of our spiritual existence is far simpler in terms of legend, and far more complex in terms of physics and dimension.

    I think it was the Finnish architect Alvar Alto who said that to reach simplicity we must travel though complexity.

    Keep searching Gavin, you are on the right road. The destination is clarity, and only you can provide that to yourself.

  50. mark o' reilly Says:

    hey my address is :)
    i kinda meant it for the author
    i assumed he could could get my email since i was getting updates.
    but anyone feel free i guess.

    that is a good video, its called Zeitgeist, you should all check it out. i found some of it was reaching though.
    like relating the cross to the sign of the zodiac, thats faily unfounded,
    though youtube isn’t my only source for info lol
    religions always been a bit of a hobby of mine.

    the sources for the horus facts i assume are marked unknown as he dosn’t know which individual temples these were translated from, ive tried to track this info down for months, its a very specialised subject. i’m in contact with a few egyptologists through a local college, who are damn hard to find themselves lol and slowly getting some info on that.

    these figures mentioned predate the earliest accounts of the old testiment so they in no way copied the bible.

    although i am an atheist.
    i personally have no problem with belief in god, its just not my kinda thing.

    however the growing number of people who have blind faith in the bible as literal truth i find uncomforting, i prefere it read as metaphors… which i think is truer and less dangerous for us all.

  51. Nowhereman… Says:

    You people have to stop complaining about citations…you people should not just criticize this man’s work even if his is plagiarized…The Bible is full of plagiarism…I am Mormon and question it every day…questioning everything is best……this movie is basic for all people who are lazy to read and will enjoy a movie about the greatest story ever told…Astrology people, that’s all it is…or aliens…DInosaurs, a commet in the gulf of mexico, billions of years of Evolution, we are all accumulated bacteria, and no devil created that to test your faith…Kudos to Michael Green…I think Jesus was a philosopher and a religious activist…Religion is superstition but a road og goodness…I aint talking shit about Church but it does dumb you down, making people cling to the savior of bread, water, or wine…Also remember the book you read is King James translation…read the Hebrews text and similar astrological story…enough of this problem though we should worry about the government and the American Union…before my leave, somebody compare David, born of twelve brothers, and Jesus, one of twelve apostles…or I will comment on it later…Viva la Revolution…

  52. "God" Says:

    The origins of the particular story of Horus used in these comparisons may be unknown here, but it doesn’t take away from the obvious links this list explores. The links between Horus the sun god and Jesus Christ can be best understood when looking at the astrology, the cross of the zodiac and the sun cycle, soundly linked to the myths associated to each character (yes i called them characters, not unlike Harry Potter in my mind, only created with much different goals). With these in mind, it is not hard to see just how these deities came into existence. The idea of Horus as sun god is simple enough to understand. In ancient times the sun was adorned for its life giving qualities. Horus (who was seen as a man personified into a hawk) would fly every day from east to west, just as the sun rises in the east just to set each day and in the west. Each morning he would win the batter against Set, or the dark, giving sun light and warmth to the world while each night Horus would lose the battle to set, casting darkness only until the morning where he would “rise again” continuing the cycle. Jesus’ links to the sun are also just as apparent (because originally they related to the story of Horus..). Take Jesus’ death on the cross only to rise again three days later. On December 22nd, from the perspective of the northern hemisphere, the sun reaches it’s most southernly point on the horizon. Here it sits, for three days until December 25th (birth of Jesus or Rebirth of sun) when it rises one degree northernly, foreshadowing warmth and longer days. For 40 days the sun fights its way back into the sky until Easter or the Equinox, when the length of the day officially surpasses the length of the night. There is a link to be made between every aspect of the life of Jesus and that of Horus but more specifically, to the sun’s yearly and eventually agely cycle. Also on december 25th, the brightest star in the eastern sky (sirius) aligns with the three brightest stars in Orians belt (referred to as the “THREE KINGS” by ancients) and together they point to the sunrise on that morning. And so it was said, the three kings follow star in the east to find the birth or Jesus. Or literally that three stars known as the three kings align with Sirius being in the middle pointing at the sunrise or Rebirth of the sun on that day. Without going too far into detail as I could probably write a few pages on this, Jesus is in fact the saviour only of our current age or great year. A Great year is said to be the percession of the zodiac due to the earth’s slight angular wobble in its rotation. That is, every 2150 years on the morning of the winter equinox the zodiac at a point in the sky would change. Its called a percession because the sign changes oppositely from the normal zodiac cycle, and the ancients were very aware of this. (Please if you do not understand this very factual, scientifically proven cycle, do some of your own research on it as it is important). The age we are currently in is that of Pisces, before that was Aries. The symbol for Aries is a ram, and around 2100 BC Moses appeared with the 10 commandments to usher in this age. This is why Jews still blow on the RAM’s horn to this day. After the age of Aries as mentioned before comes the current age we are in which is that of Pisces. The symbol for Pisces is fish, and to usher in this age was Jesus. This is why he was “born” when he was, at the beginning of the new age (1 AD), and this is why Jesus is commonly associated with fish in the bible (performing miracles involving fish, etc). One of the most common end of world quotations from Jesus in the Bible is ” I will be with you until the end of the world “. World, however, in this instance in the King James version is a mis-translation, the actual word being “Aeon” or “Age”. And this is true, Jesus will be with us until the end of the Age as then, a new deity will be born to usher us into the new Age, that of Aquarius. I could go on but this is enough to contemplate and please, inform me if I am incorrect on any or all of this. Persuading me to change my opinion is likely impossible as these ideas make more sense to me than anything else I have explored, but I am open to debate any time. The way I see it, Christianity is nothing but the worship of the sun, with its origins and myths plagiarized from Egyptian mythology and personified into a character known as Jesus, so that its “teachings” can be in tern related an implied to the common man’s life in an attempt to control it, just as it has been for thousands of years. As it would seem fitting, I have essentially plagiarized most of this information from another source and thus I will cite it. This however is not the only reason as to why I’m mentioning this site, I believe if you are searching for truth and are tired of all the loose strings and lies so grossly apparent in every avenue of search, that the video on this site might provide some answers but more importantly perhaps ask you the right questions as it did for me:

  53. debbie Says:

    okay so I have been researching the state of our country and how The New World Order is being ushered in and I stumble upon the zietgiest movie…..

    I am a Christian by faith so you can imagine I was more than a little disturbed by the first half of the movie.”I will work that out with God on my own time” right now I want to say this. If you watch this zietgeist thing keep in mind what the writer is doing. He purposely tries to crush your religious belief in part 1 so that the horror of what is happening in part 2 leaves you feeling fearful and hopeless without a true God to turn too. Is that not the meaning of terrorism?

    People If this guy truly believes that we are headed for a New World Order and that there is no God to hear our cry then he is truly lost. As for me and my house I will continue to worship the Lord and let him separate the truth from fiction. The day is coming when Christians and Atheiest will stand side by side shackled in the slaughter lines and stripped of their right to believe in anything but what we are told to belive in! Until then (because I am still free to say what I want) I say zeitgeist is terrorism in the truest form cleverly put together to crush your faith and then scare the hell out of you. When you go to God go to him knowing that his exsistence has been distorted by people who have sought power and control over the human race since the beginning of time. In the end we will all know the facts and nobody will be guessing anymore!

  54. zurishaddai Says:

    Well said Debbie,however I am not sure if the authors of zeitgeist movie actually wanted to disprove the existence of God.

    The movies starts off with the author including in his introduction the following statment: “I do not know who or what god is….. but sooner or later these people will be made to realise that they are messing with divine justice”. OK, that was very much paraphrased, but it does give some indication of the authors beliefs.

    The information in parts 2 and 3 I didn’t see as the authors intention to scare us, more than to enlighten us; and this he has suceeded in doing.

    These things have to be, before the end of this age comes and with the NWO wishing to cut the worlds population down to one twelth of it’s present 6.4 billion, there will be enough suffering going around for everyone to share in.

    Many of the derogatory comments about the bible writen above I could probably refute had I the time and interest, but what good would it do. I intend writing an article based on the astrological implications of the zeitgeist movie, but as seen from a believers perspective and it should be on my site around March (I hope). Should you want to contact me at all, then my email address is on my website.

  55. myspace.ocm/illaha Says:

    you are all nut-! just kiddn

  56. Noah Says:

    Yes very reliable information, you know with almost all of it being from an ‘unknown’ source.

  57. Think On It..... Says:

    If your going to state that the “unknown source” that is stated i suggest to stop being lazy and do some research. Becasue if you want to “quote” the bible then you must know where its faults lay. Also the stories of the Bible have been fabricated. all historical, scientific, and biblical facts lead to the conclusion that the true descendants of the original Jews of the bible are the so-called Blacks in America and through out the Caribbean islands. The Native American, Aztec, Taoino, Seminole, and Arawak Indians of North, South, and Central America comprise the rest of the twelve tribes of Israel. the centralized lie is that of The image of the man that most of the Christian world worships as Jesus Christ is actually the image of a man by the name of Ceasar Borgia of the Borgia family. Ceasar Borgia was the second son of Pope Alexander the sixth of Rome. Leonardi Divinci and Michaelangelo painted him as being Christ during the Renaissance period. But, when you read a book entitled “The Life and Times of Ceasar Borgia” by Sara Bradford, you will find out that the man who posed as Christ was a thief, murderer, a homosexual, and child molester. In fact, there is no evidence or scripture in the “bible” that describes Christ as having blue eyes, blond hair, and pale skin, and looking like some Charles Manson looking character. The true image of Jesus Christ is that of a dark skin Black man with woooly hair. Just read Revelation Chapter one verses 13, 14 to 15. It states that he had hair of wool and his feet were like fine brass as if they were burnt in a furnace. The bottom line is that Christ was a Jew and the true Jews are Black.If you have read the bible then you would know that when Christ was born, the angel told Joseph to hide the baby Jesus in Egypt, because Herod was seeking to destroy him. We all know by now that the original Egyptians were Black. So if Jesus were White, why would Joseph be instructed to hide a White baby among Black Egyptians? That would be like trying to hide Eminem in Harlem. It would not work. Why did they not want to hide the baby Jesus in Rome? The bottom line is that it was easier to hide Jesus among the Egyptians because Jesus was Black himself christianity does not want you know that. So the bottom line is that everyone lies! Everyone!

  58. Phil Says:

    There is still no reliable historians who would give any credit to the claims in your article based on research of ancient texts and historical documents. It is a re-hashing of claims made in the zeitgeist movie which was a very poorly researched and deliberately misleading movie.

    I used to be a practising christian and still believe in God while having doubts about certain parts of the bible. It’s not just the bible that documents the existence and life of Jesus though. There is also the testimony of non christian historians.

    Horus was not born of a virgin, his mother was a widow who allegedly made herself pregnant from the sperm of her dead husband. Horus was never said to have been crucified in any egyptian text. Horus did not have 12 disciples although he came to be associated with the 12 signs of the zodiac as he was a sky deity. He was most certainly not known as a messiah as this was a strictly jewish concept. He was not resurrected after 3 days and his ‘resurrection’ was not witnessed by women. In the Egyptian tale, Osiris is either dismembered by Set in battle or sealed in a chest and drowned in the Nile. Isis then pieces Osiris’ body back together and resurrects Osiris to conceive an heir that will avenge Osiris’ death (although technically Osiris is never actually resurrected as he is forbidden to return to the world of the living.

    The are many other complete and utter fabrications in the statements above. I don’t want to suggest that you yourself are deliberately misleading anyone but the people who first started circulating these statements must have known they were untrue. It makes you wonder what their agenda was..

  59. David Anderson Says:

    This list is bogus, and I’ll give up to $1000 to anyone who can show me otherwise, that is provide me with an actual version, or versions, of the story in which Horus (or any pre-Christian deity) does these things, or any other convincing evidence that these things really were believed of the deity in pre-Christian times. I have a page here: and welcome any responses. I just figured that making people look for the evidence, and not find it, is the best way to prove to them that it doesn’t exist. Thanks.


  60. RSS agregator » Blog Archive » The Historical Jesus Says:

    […]…sus-and-horus/ […]

  61. phil s Says:

    The list is not “bogus” I have seen the stone carvings of the Horus fables. They are in Egypt and any egyptologist will atest to them. Horus was a pre christian diety earliest accounts go back close to 6000yrs. The carvings can be seen on you need to search for the video “zeitgeist final edition” they can be seen in either part 1 or part 2 the video is broken up into 5 parts, but it is available for complete download on limewire. It contains lots of good info about pre christian dieties and the present ones. To get to the real evidence one must travel to egypt.

  62. Melissa Power Says:

    sO WHAT IF RELIGION IS THE FRAUD THAT ORIGINALLY STARTED IN ANOTHER STORY USING DIFFERENT NAMES AS CHARATERS, AND THERE IS NO GOD AND WE HAVE ALL BEEN MISSINFORMED OR SHOULD I SAY PROGRAMED TO BELIEVE IN A HIGHER POWER WHERE IF WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH AND CHOSEN AFTER LIFE AS WE KNOW IT TO LIVE IN A WORLD OF PLUSES AND NO MINUSES, OR A WORLD OF ALL THE GOOD AND NOTHING BAD, A WORLD WHERE WE ALL GET ALONG ALL THE TIME. tHEN that means that i am pissed off for not being told sooner, are u saying that when we die its just over thats it thats all we get we are just dead. Damn it then religion is the most powerful mover and shaker of all time, right? i am just not sure of anything right now and i am a mom of 4 kids and i am just not real darn shure how we all came about, what do i teach them I thought i knew yesterday that was before i watched the video on zei something. i am on a quest to get an answer to my unbelievable uncertainaty.

  63. Poveglia Says:

    Sam, can you please name ANY historical document outside the “scriptures” which mention Jesus?

  64. David Anderson Says:

    “Sam, can you please name ANY historical document outside the “scriptures” which mention Jesus?”

    I’m not Sam, but there are five non-Christian sources from within 100 years which mention Christ, though two of them are questionable.

    1) Josephus’ “Antiquities of the Jews”, book 18. This one is the most questionable, since Josephus, who we know wasn’t a Christian, talks as if he’s a Christian here. There’s no doubt that this was interpolated by a Christian, probably Eusebius (263-339 AD). However, most scholars believe that it was only partially interpolated, that Josephus was talking about Jesus here in his original writing, but that Eusebius took offense at some of what Josephus wrote and changed it. Josephus even comes across as if he’s arguing with himself at one point, calling Jesus a “man”, and then saying “if it be lawful to call him a man”.

    2) Josephus’ “Antiquities of the Jews”, book 20. Josephus writes here about the trial of James, mentioning that he was the brother of “Jesus, the one called Christ”. There’s no evidence that this one was interpolated. Some argue that since Eusebius altered book 18’s reference, this one was probably his work, also. However, we know that this one was part of Josephus’ text about a century before Eusebius’ time, since it was referenced by Origen, who lived from 185-254 AD. There’s no reason to believe that this one is fraudulent.

    3) Tacitus’ “Annals”. He wrote about Nero blaming the fire on the Christians, mentioning that Jesus was executed by Pontius Pilate. The writing in this passage shows an immense hatred of Christians, making it incredibly unlikely to have been the work of an interpolator.

    4) Pliny the Younger’s letter to Emperor Trajan. Also hated Christians and was encouraging Trajan to persecute them to make them turn away from Christ.

    5) Suetonius’ “Lives of the Twelve Caesars”. Wrote about Claudius expelling the Christians from Rome (mentioned in Acts 18:2 in the Bible). There’s no doubt he actually wrote this, but he seems to think that Jesus is still around and causing problems, and he misspells his name as “Chrestus” (should have been “Christus”). Since he seems to have some details wrong concerning Jesus, it’s difficult to call this a good reference regarding Jesus.

    So we have at least three non-Christian historians who mention Christ within 100 years of His time.


  65. Mark Jules Says:

    I don’t think Zeigeist the movie was about given answer to all of our question but instead asking us to question what has been presented to us as the truth if it is so. One has the right what has been said about Horus,the egygtian religion, astrology,jesus,King james translation of the bible, the constantine era, justin marthur and many more other sources. Then after conclude that research you can define…what it is that you believe in.

    But all of us need to know as a matter of fact that the most efficient weapon use to slave people, always and has been the bible not gun.

  66. Mark Jules Says:

    and also ask yourself why the government tax everything….except the church eventhough the government know that the church bring in a lot of money. remember the catholic church has the most expensive real state in the world….where ever you look. just keep that in mind while you are looking for the truth…I believe in god but not blindly doing so, because the idea that if you believe you do not ask question is luducrous.

  67. lawenforce Says:

    Really? I mean, I come on here to get information, that I already had, in order to “evangelize” another free mind, and all you give are these falsehoods, racked with discrepancies. From the top, to…well, I did not go on after the first few, but you should check your source and comment on their page, as my learned friend and I have now done to you.

  68. godisdead Says:

    Tough call for all ou religious guys but god doesn’ t exist , check the work of world famous german egyptologist Jan Assmann who wrote a book on Moise the Egyptian in 1997, and just publish another one the Price of monotheism …
    To summerize a lot because the book is super detailled and very knowlegeable : Hebraic scholar plageriased around 500BC the religion of Akhenaton the only monotheist pharaon 1350 BC, the reason of all those similarities between Horus and Christ called Krst in ancient hieroglyphs .
    Jan Assman received
    le Prix Européen de l’Essai Charles Veillon 2007
    pour l’ensemble de son oeuvre

  69. David Anderson Says:

    “all those similarities between Horus and Christ” – sorry, but anyone even remotely familiar with Horus would know that that those “similarities” are bogus and not part of the Horus story at all. People making up and repeating bogus claims doesn’t make them true, and doesn’t mean you should be gullible enough to believe them. Do a little fact-checking instead of just taking these claims on “blind faith”.

  70. victor eric Says:

    how the hell do someone like you have the guts to publish such a blasphemous article

  71. el cura Says:

    Por favor, ya es hora que en pleno siglo XXI, la mente de la humanidad tome una nueva luz. Es de entender que todo pueblo ante la debilidad espiritual de encontrar el origen de las cosas, se atreva a idear y organizar dicha idea para ordenar la mente de un pueblo, es la mejor forma de perdurar el poder. Todo pueblo organiza su religión para bien y dignidad de un gobernante; pero entienda humanidad que Dios es un invento del hombre.

  72. College and Career Says:

    Very good blog post I enjoy your site keep up the amazing articles

  73. silvia Says:

    hey i got a movie based on hitoric facts between jesus and other gods.. how all these gods have the same facts as jesus.. if u want let me know and ill sent it .. my skype is lietuvaite88 there are 3 parts in that movie.. about religion .. 911 and truth about banks

  74. silvia Says:

    i can bet u on my life that after like 1000 years .. our god will be dead god as well .. just another mythological god . i can bet u that during any of those other gods periods.. people were blind believers as well .. and called horus or osiris.. just a dead god.. getting the point ? :)

  75. KingDavid8 Says:

    If you’re talking about “Zeitgeist”, its “facts” have been debunked time and time again. Check out for a thorough debunking of the entire movie.

  76. StormyM Says:

    just watch the beginning of this

    ( Zeitgeist )

  77. tj Says:

    References to Jesus outside of the bible. The accounts of Jesus are not just biblical but they are also historical. Jesus is written about by many historical writers of his time including; Titus Flavius Josephus a first century historian, Pliny the Younger, the provincial governor of Pontus and Bithynia, Thallus who was a historian who wrote in Greek, and Sextus Julius Africanus who wrote about Jesus’ crucifixion. There are a number of historical references outside the bible about Jesus, His death, His resurrection, Pilot and the Sanhedrin.

  78. sf89 Says:

    first, any historian who wrote about jesus didnt do so until at the very least 30 years after he was “crucified”, and knowing that jesus had supposedly performed miracles, someone would have made a big deal about it and had it known that he had done so, speaking of writing things down, jesus being the prophet he was, and knowing so much about god, why wouldnt he write anything down? why wouldnt he have his own part in the bible? Dont you think then people might take the religion more seriously

    second, if jesus existed, and everyone had to accept him as their savior to go to heaven, why didnt he tell the natives in north america, why didnt he tell the aztec’s and mayan’s? how come the civilizations found on islands knew nothing of him? And dont try to say the devil did it, because the very same people who told you the devil would try to disprove jesus are the very same people who made up the story of jesus

    third, alot of the facts are off, horus was born of osiris THE VIRGIN goddess, his father was osiris, and to egyptians horus and osiris were one in the same, only one was in physical form on planet earth, sounds familiar right? i hate that all these people are trying to disprove christianity, and are so desperate that they’d just make shit up, and dont tell me you didnt cuz if you did it wouldnt say “source unknown” youd at least put the book you found it in

    finally, i cant believe no one has posted the obvious wrongs in here, it kinda makes me feel hopeless for humanity. I mean seriously, not one of you could figure out who was horus mother or father? seriously?? i know i didnt list everything wrong with this, if you know whats wrong good i’m glad, if you dont, pick up a book and read for once instead of trying to find the answers online

  79. Roy L. Culver Says:

    Roy says: Glory, Glory, Glory! What an assemblage of angelic voices sing-e-thing every every every kind of lovelly lovelly songeth! Now here is what I want you to do, if ye pleaseth. Look at the very center of your field of vision, please. Maybe it will help to point there, yes, point your forefinger, one of them, as exactly toward your absolute center of vision as you can manage and look at what you see in the middle of the shape of your hand, that is, the shape of the back of your forefinger, okay? Maybe you don’t need the finger in the way but can see, as I do, right in the most middlest of the center of your field of vision a white dot. Like a star. I do. I have been seeing it for a good long while and it is always right there at the very middle of middle vision for me. A white dot. Like a star.

    Of course you know that all stars, looking as they do like white dots (okay, maybe some color here and there, neemind, as Walt Kelly used to say), all stars are really complete orbs sending out their light in all directions all the time but you and I see them like white dots because the light comes from them in straight lines to you and me. But light from them is issuing out all the time in all directions. As I believe is true of the white dot always to be seen in the middle of all vision for me. I think, if you see it too, we are seeing the center of the Universe. Pulsating, as all things including stars, pulsate. Creating everything. You. Me. Everything. Pulsate out, that’s electricity. Pulsate in, that’s gravity. Talking about God, you see. Just point right there at the center, the exact center of everything and you see him. Sign right here, all true believers. Yeah!

  80. God holds us together.? - Southern Maryland Community Forums Says:

    […] […]

  81. just another two cents Says:

    Wow roy, bravo! That was the best post!! I know because i read all of them. ;) all five years of them. Roy you are a golden god. You can’t blame them for wanting to point that finger 180 degrees as we have before. Your effort inspired me to post and i thank you.
    Listen to yourselves.. Opinions everywhere.. Ever hear of the saying ‘nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd’? Now apply that to the Bible. The number one all time best selling book. A wonderful story no? People who take it literal are asking for trouble, just like people who take the Koran literally end up killing people. WE ARE ALL GODS CHILDREN. Michaelangelo was asked how he could make the statue of david so perfect and he responded that he simply removed everything that wasn’t david. Start to pick away your opinions with a chisel and you will find your david under that mass. Most converted countries realize that the Bible wasn’t meant as a literal document but rather a figurative one. Genesis 1 says god created heaven and earth and he didn’t create the sun until the fourth day; so how could we take literally that the ‘days’ the book speaks of are 24hrs long? 24hrs wasn’t possible without the sun; catch my drift? I’m not knocking the Bible by any means, i am merely suggesting there is more than one way to interpret it, and none are wrong. Do you really believe that God put the dinosaur fossils there to test your faith? The US has more ‘young earth christians’ than anywhere else. Evolution theory doesn’t kill God so don’t give yourself a wedgie. Science and Religion can coexist peacefully so when archaeologists tell you that Horus has some similarities with Jesus don’t call them heretics because they may very well be Christians. Blind faith gives you no right to judge other people who have educated themselves about different ideologies. Jesus said he who is without guilt cast the first stone. If you are so passionate about your old textbook than you best do more reading on its history before you start throwing stones!
    In all honesty you all are my greatest blessings and without you i would be lifeless. As Roy said, we are all pulsating and all life shares that pulse, even the planet under our feet. If you enjoy the Bible then understand/practice forgiveness and compassion. Jesus said forgive them father for they know not what they do. Very powerful. You are all capable and my faith rests in you. Look in the mirror and point away. Bless you all.

  82. chuck youngerman Says:

    You know, I’ve been a Christian for 25 years now, and I do have my thoughts on interpenetration. The last book in the Bible, ”Revelation” says don’t add to or take away from this book. Well the Roan Catholic Church did just that, but the bible has also been copy written by Thomas Nelson, an atheist, and the same guy who also wrote the Satanic bible, Lots of word and phrases have been changed. Words have been changed. But if you think about it, the Bible give us a Historic view of the Jewish and Arab land, who was who, but also has an undeniable truth about Prophecy, You know, history written in advance. But as I has seen , through the course of my life I have studied Biblical prophecy and I have been amazed of all the prophecies that the Bible foretold. There has to be a God for prophecy to be so accurate. The rebirth of Israel, in 1948, didn’t God tell Abraham that his seed would number the stars and that he would establish an everlasting covenant with his people forever. They are still here after all the people who waged war against them, the Holocaust. Then tells us in Ezequiel that in the last days I will reestablish my land and bring my people back to the land I promised them…All the prophecies surrounding Jesus’s birth and death. Could it not be that God throughout the centuries has tried to let the people here know what he was gonna do because of sin anyway.maybe maybe not. But To tell you the truth, I’ve seen people who where dead and brought back, I’ve seen people change their whole lives from drugs and alcohol, abuse, And witnessed changes in people’s lives on account of Jesus Christ. Yes people fall back go back to the same old life they tried so hard to get away from, but who are we to judge!! STOP SMOKING!!!! I have always had my doubts, on the after life, but I think if there is a God and he wanted his people to believe in him, don’t you think he would some how let us know (Bible) But the original King James version, not the scolfield or niv, none of that, and not to mention all the blessings, the miracles, the warnings of the future. And the biggest thing we as a people need, HOPE…..don’t try to take that away, with out Hope what do we have…??? If a person doesn’t wanna believe, that’s his choice, but for those millions of people who have faith and believe in Christ and try to live a normal life till death, let um believe…

  83. chuck youngerman Says:

    Oh and by the way, there are a lot of unknown sorces on this page. And to sf89, I read what you wrote, and the comment you made about the Aztecs and the the mynas, If God does exist, then believe me he had a plan way before they even existed. I don’t think we are supposed to know everything about God, but he Knows what he is doing. People believe for lots of different reasons and disbelieve for many different reasons. What happens after death. Guess we won’t really know till we get there.If there is a hell, and you don’t believe, then guess a person will have a permanent home. If Jesus wrote in the Bible , where would the faith be then. Christianity is based entirely on faith in Jesus Christ.

  84. Useful Websites for Atheists - all in one place! Says:

    […] SIMILARITIES BETWEEN JESUS (Christian God) and HORUS (and Egyptian God) We’ll tell you right off the bat that through extensive research, we have found that not all of these are 100% verified and some are stretches. But, at least half of the items on this list are historically documented and clearly show that many of the aspects of Jesus’s story were “borrowed” from the story of Horus, which was written long before the “birth of Jesus”. Why would scribes and authors of the bible do this? Great question. They didn’t think they would get caught, most likely. They lived in a time before mass travel, electricity, phones, computers, and the internet (and archaeologists). They couldn’t have know that the stories they were stealing would ever get found out by the people they were telling the stories to. Most people in that day had no knowledge of Egyptian gods and wouldn’t have seen the stolen similarities. Now we do. […]

  85. L Quinn Says:

    The information that will verify this is in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

  86. atheismo Says:

    @fucker-that sounds typically “Christian”, to respond with harsh language and empty threats.

    @site publisher “gavin”- The effort is totally appreciated but you should really take this page down until you can properly source your material. Alot of these are correct but most are simply false. Giving proper sources for the side you are trying to denounce while not, at all, sourcing the side you obviously favor is just spreading stupidity. People that see this page and plan on sourcing it would not have a leg to stand on with proof like “source unknown”. The truth is out there you just need to try a little harder…

  87. atheismo Says:

    …and after 13b you just give up saying “source unknown”. You could have at least sourced the History channel or whichever show you were watching, possibly Bill Maher’s “Religulous” (great movie btw). All Hail ATHEISMO!!

  88. David Says:

    “The information that will verify this is in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.”

    I take it you haven’t read the Egyptian Book of the Dead, then. I have, and it doesn’t back up the claims at all.

  89. Joshua Wheaton Says:

    for all of the people asking for references all you have to do is read the readings of Horus that were written 1280 years before Jesus was even born. You cannot tell me that their are that many similaraties and that the accounts of Jesus were stolen and recopied with some changes. Also you have to look at the fact that the writing and accounts of Jesus took place a few centuries after his death, their were no accounts during his death or of the end of his life. These writing were written down by decendents of the time of Christ. Not one writing has been found that is relative to the time when Jesus was alive? Now I believe that their is a higher power but I am going to go with the best answer and the one most people are afraid to answer with. I DONT KNOW, BUT I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE THE WORD OF MAN.

  90. David Says:

    “for all of the people asking for references all you have to do is read the readings of Horus that were written 1280 years before Jesus was even born.”

    I’ve done so. The similarities aren’t there. The pre-Christian Horus stories are easy to find online, such as the following websites: (just plug “Horus” into their search engine)
    Go ahead and read them for yourself. I did. The parallels are not there.

    “Also you have to look at the fact that the writing and accounts of Jesus took place a few centuries after his death”

    No, all four of the Gospels were written in the first century. Even skeptics like Bart Erhman agree with this.

  91. jason Says:

    this is all from the movie zeitgeist on youtube, horus is not the same story, isis is not the same story of a virgin birth, and ra isis a sun god egypt got there religion from pagan stars and the sun, fact is is that the bible is 99.5 percent accurate then any other religious text thats a fact, new testament manuscrips prove jesus existed as a man and historically its been proven, so when people say jesus is horus ok horus never got resurrected he didnt hes in the neither world or underworld its a complete different story then jesus where they SEEN him where as horus its just a myth jesus was seen by 500 witnesses as his acention this is a record in history its recorded and if you want more proof jesus is the christ old testament prophecy says that jesus fullfulled all prophecys i can bring up 100 scholers from harverd yale and doctors mathamitician says that for jesus to be a myth it would be impossable for him to do all the prohpecys in the old testament 1 in 1 billionth of christ doing it and jesus did!!!! it would be the equilvelent of a man trying to find a grain of sand in the sea, this is from a teacher and dr ravi zacharies with many degress in theology, and dr walter martin says that god is a trinity in one in unity, not from pagan resouces, i have jews that prophecized jesus before he came before egypt before time, the word existed then became flesh and dweled amoung us, the bible is Gods word, mormon, jehovah witness, 7th day advantist are all cults and egyption mtyhs are all myths but jesus is been proven jesus died on the cross, and he is God !!!!! about horus i have the story of horus and its a myth in fact theres not one shred of proof other then tales and stories and idoles of stautes from the sun and zodiac sign its all pagan and not from christ

  92. jason Says:

    According to Egyptian mythology, Horus was originally believed to be the son of Ra and Hathor and the
    husband/brother of Isis. Later he was seen as the son of Osiris and Isis once Hathor and Isis were merged into
    one being. Horus was considered the sky, sun, and moon god represented by a man with the head of falcon.

    VIRGIN BIRTH There are two separate birth accounts in regards to Horus (neither depict a virgin birth):
    Version 1: Hathor, the motherly personification of the milky way, is said to have conceived Horus but we are
    told her husband, Ra, was an Egyptian sun god. Hathor (a sky goddess) was represented by the cow whose milk
    brought forth the milky way. By the will of her husband Ra, she gave birth to Horus:

    “I, Hathor of Thebes, mistress of the goddesses, to grant to him a coming forth into the presence [of the god]…
    Hathor of Thebes, who was incarnate in the form of a cow and a woman.” Source and Source

    Version 2: When we examine Isis as Horus’ mother, we are told Isis was not a virgin, but the widow of Osiris.
    Isis practices magic to raise Osiris from the dead so she can bear a son that would avenge his death. Isis then
    becomes pregnant from the sperm of her deceased husband. Again, no virgin birth occurs:

    “[Isis] made to rise up the helpless members [penis] of him whose heart was at rest, she drew from him his
    essence [sperm], and she made therefrom an heir [Horus].” Source and Source

    THE FATHER AND SON UNITY Critics suggest the Christian trinity was adapted from the notion of Osiris, Ra,
    and Horus being one god in essence. Because Horus was born after the death of Osiris, it came to be believed he
    was the resurrection, or reincarnation, of Osiris:

    “He avengeth thee in his name of ‘Horus, the son who avenged his father.” Source

    Throughout the centuries, the Egyptians eventually considered Osiris and Horus as one and the same. However,
    this son-as-the-father comparison more closely resembles the metamorphosis of Hathor into Isis than it does the
    Christian trinity. We see Horus first as the son of Ra, then being the equivalent of Ra, then Ra finally becoming
    just as aspect of Horus. Similar to Hathor and Isis, we simply see a merger of one being into another. In
    Egyptian mythology, each god had a distinct beginning by being conceived from other gods. In Christian
    theology, God and Jesus always existed as one and the same, neither having a beginning or an end. Jesus’ birth
    did not represent His creation- only His advent in human from. Furthermore, the father-son concept was not
    created by first-century Christians. Prophecies in the Old Testament referred to the future Messiah as the Son of
    God up to 1,000 years before the birth of Christ. I Chronicles 17:13-14

    CRUCIFIXION AND RESURRECTION Horus is never said to have been crucified, nevertheless to have died.
    The only connection we can make to Horus being resurrected is if we consider the eventual merger of Horus and
    Osiris. But such a theory results in an catch 22, apparently noticed by the Egyptians as they later altered their
    beliefs to fix the contradictions. In the Egyptian tale, Osiris is either dismembered by Set in battle or sealed in a
    chest and drowned in the Nile. Isis then pieces Osiris’ body back together and resurrects Osiris to conceive an
    heir that will avenge Osiris’ death (although technically Osiris is never actually resurrected as he is forbidden to
    return to the world of the living). Source and Source

    “[Set] brought a shapely and decorated chest, which he had caused to be made according to the measurements
    of the king’s body… Set proclaimed that he would gift the chest unto him whose body fitted its proportions with
    exactness… Then Osiris came forward. He lay down within the chest, and he filled it in every part. But dearly was
    his triumph won in that dark hour which was his doom. Ere he could raise his body, the evil followers of Set
    sprang suddenly forward and shut down the lid, which they nailed fast and soldered with lead. So the richly
    decorated chest became the coffin of the good king Osiris, from whom departed the breath of life.” Source

    BORN ON THE 25TH OF DECEMBER Horus’ birth was actually celebrated during the month of Khoiak,
    (October/November). Though some critics claim Horus was born during the winter solstice, this shows more of a
    relationship to other pagan religions which considered the solstices sacred.

    TWELVE DISCIPLES Superficially this similarity seems accurate until we see Horus’ “disciples” were not disciples
    at all- they were the twelve signs of the zodiac which became associated with Horus, a sky god. However
    Jesus’ disciples were actual men who lived and died, whose writings exist to this day, and whose lives are
    recorded by historians. Because Horus’ “disciples” were merely signs of the zodiac, they never taught his
    philosophy or spread his teachings. The fact that there are twelve signs of the zodiac (twelve months) as
    compared to Jesus’ twelve apostles is an insignificant coincidence.

    MOUNTAINTOP ENCOUNTER Critics point out the similarity of both Jesus and Horus having an encounter on a
    mountaintop with their enemies. Instead of dissecting this piece by piece, I will simply give each version of
    events and let the reader observe the (obvious) differences:
    Jesus: After Jesus completes His fast in the wilderness, Satan tries to tempt Jesus by offering Him all the
    kingdoms of the world if Jesus agrees to worship him, but Jesus refuses. Matthew 4:1-11
    Horus: During battle, Horus rips off one of Set’s testicles while Set (sometimes called Seth) gorges out Horus’
    eye. Set later tries to prove his dominance by initiating intercourse with Horus. Horus catches Set’s semen in his
    hand and throws it into a nearby river. Horus later masturbates and spreads his semen over lettuce which Set
    consumes. Both Set and Horus stand before the gods to proclaim their right to rule Egypt. When Set claims
    dominance over Horus, his semen is found in the river. When Horus’ dominance is considered, his semen is found
    within Set so Horus is granted rule over Egypt:

    “O that castrated one! O this man! O he who hurries him who hurries, among you two! These- this first
    corporation of the company of the justified… Was born before the eye of Horus was plucked out, before the
    testicles of Set were torn away.” Source “It is the day on which Horus fought with Set, who cast filth in the face of
    Horus, and when Horus destroyed the powers of Set.” Source “Then [Set] appeared before the divine council and
    claimed the throne. But the gods gave judgment that Horus was the rightful king, and he established his power in
    the land of Egypt, and became a wise and strong ruler like to his father Osiris.” Source

    Skeptic Interjection: Does the similarity between the names Set and Satan hold any significance?
    Answer: Set’s variant names include Seth, Sutekh, Setesh, and Seteh. The root Set is usually considered to
    translate into dazzler or stable pillar. The different suffixes of his name add the meanings majestic, supreme, and
    desert. The name Satan comes from the Semitic root Stn which represents opposition. Before his fall, Satan’s
    original name was Lucifer, or angel of light. The term Satan represents a general adversary, hence his accepted
    identity. Though both names consist of an S and a T, their meanings have nothing in common. The spellings are
    only a result of the original root words which represent their character. Source and Source

    SIMILAR TITLES Critics allege Horus held similar titles used to identify Jesus such as Messiah, Savior, Son of
    Man, Good Shepherd, Lamb of God, The Way, the Truth, the Light, and Living Word. However I can find no
    evidence of any of these names ever being used in reference to Horus. I am especially suspicious of the word
    Messiah since it is Hebrew in origin.

    IN CONCLUSION We can see the differences between Jesus and Horus far outweigh any superficial correlations

  93. jason Says:

    all i can say get to know jesus read the gospels gain the faith in jesus, the devil doesnt want you to know jesus he will bend your mind around anything else this is your proof satan is your proof sin is real temptation from the devil is real only jesus can save us only jesus can tell us and warns us from evil!!! if theres no god why is there evil??? so there must be good too, its called morality and free will first thing god gave us is to chose to reject him or love him so its real not forced, get to know jesus do the research, pray to jesus, pray to the father pray to the holy spirit not 3 gods but 1 god in 3 persons, each one called god yet there one in spirit, talk to jesus you dont know what to say tell him i dont know what to say to you, you might feel strange like why do i have to ignore human understanding just pray with a open heart of the gospels of jesus and i think youll find his spirit and he will change you, this whole horus myths actully brought me closer to jesus zeitguest brought me closer to jesus it proved to me that jesus is even more real and zeitgust had to make a movie about jesus cuz he is the center of the unerverse

  94. Bernard Deham Says:

    In 1997, I was with my colleagues in a Relais et Châteaux next to the Annecy lake in France and there was a book about Buddhism in my room. Surprisingly, what I read matched my Christian education, I could see many similarities with Jeus Christ’s life, almost a copy/paste… Well Buddha came earlier, some 543 years…
    In Buddhism, we find the same trilogy as in the Roman Catholic Religion God the Father, the Son and the Holly Spirit. The Buddhists have (in Thai) Pra poot, Pra Taam, Pra song and instead of Amen, they say Satoo.
    Actually, I believe that all this is related to the astronomy. All countries use the same names for the weekdays, Sunday, Sontag, Wan Athit and so on. In other words, Jesus has never existed, he was created by human beings. He is the Sun, like Horus. The fish because his Era is the 2150 years of the fish constellation. Coming soon, Aquarius. The devil is just the night, Jesus is the light, that’s why he ‘was born’ on the 25th of December, when days become stronger than nights. I could write pages like this. Just ask yourself what critical thinking skills mean for you.
    Cheers by now.

  95. Ibrahim Bah Says:

    As long as christian writers do not accept the fact that THE BIBLE has been adulterated they can never able to defend the true personality of JESUS.
    Only in the Qur’a.n could one know who JESUS was and what his message was without associating him with any of the pagan myths before him.
    I would like you to do one thing for your self;give ISLAM a try and free your mind once and for all and also for the sake of truth.

  96. Branjo Says:

    The Egyptian “Book of the dead” is where you will find many of these claims, and also where you will find the 42 Egyptian commandments, which is where the 10 Christian commandments were directly plagiarized from. But just for giggles, check out the other 32 and you will see why they were omitted in order to form a more totalitarian religion that could wield the military and moral power it did.

    For the Muslim above my post,
    Islam is built on the errors of the Bible, the people, the events and the places. It even goes so far as to make up even more things for the character Jesus. Like making little clay birds as a child and then making them come to life. Yet they say he was just a prophet, yeah right, one that knew magic n stuff.

  97. Branjo Says:

    David at 88, is a big fat liar, ooh its nice pointing them out.

    “I have read the Book of the dead and it doesn’t back up any of these claims”

    Ah! no you haven’t, and yes it does, idiot.

  98. Horus and Jesus? « keeperofthemyths Says:

    […] […]

  99. Online4Opinions Says:

    I don’t believe that the stories are meant to be the same, they are lessons and are part of the “living” religion concepts. Many of today’s belief’s have been modified just as the languages they are told within. For an example of how quickly these changes come about, just look at the Native American stories within the U.S.

    More importantly, (this will quickly annoy others but stupidity and not ignorance produces that response), The Church is a Joke! It was in Jesus’ time and it is today. They have twisted so many things that it is just ridiculous, you can’t use anything they say to compare to anything because it is “A Joke”.

    First, it wasn’t written in English and nor was the cultures that comparisons are made to. Next, the spoken/written language changes as does the meanings/intent of words within it.

    Example, for those who are older, the Church adamately stated that Jesus was born on December 25th but now that scripture has been disected on a much larger scale and can’t be contained within a congregation, they admit that based on the descriptions, IT ISN’T POSSIBLE!

    Another Example of the WOW Factor they want you to have that we can relate back to these supposed comparisons. The term “Miracle” is “A Joke” people, he stated this quite well if you have half a brain. These things that he did were not a miracle, they were a skill which each of us posess. Don’t believe me, look it up. It is phrased many different ways but “You can do all that I have done and more”. People get a clue!

    The comparisons are there for a reason because these have been lessons that have existed long before the current religious regime; yes regime. The fact that this creation is amazing and beyond what we can conceive is without doubt but, the fact that we put so many occurences on a pedestal is stupid. I say stupid but if it makes people feel better about themselves they could say “Intentional Ignorance” and you don’t have to go outside of the Bible to see it. Even the crappy translated ones to include the very old one overseen very closely by a certain king.

  100. Greg Daugherty Says:

    The Bible is not a source, it is a collection of ancient writings changed and adapted by a very few clever folks, who later called themselves Jews. (J wasn’t in use until after the 14th century. Evidence of the Bible before that time is very vague and manipulated for political reasons since that time.) Unfortunately the Bible is commonly used as a source with no reference the the sources for the Bible. That should tell you everything right there.

  101. orlando Says:

    i believe the reason that this world is so fucked up is because all the fucking religion and all this fucking fanatics blowing themselves up,believing that they are going to heaven to pop 40 tight ass virgins. it is ridiculous but true,some motherfuckers still believe that this world was made in 6 fucking days !!! goddamn !!!

  102. Michael Says:

    I am familiar with “Zeitgeist.” One important message contained therein refers to the societal leaders encouraging the “ignorance of the masses.” After reading the posts above, I am convinced the world, despite all its technology and innovative advancements, is more greatly comprised of uneducated people. Just trying to get through some of the outrageous, poorly written comments confounds me. Even if some posts have an intelligent stance or valid reflection, it is completely lost in the pathetic writers inability to communicate that thought. America, more over the world, is truly getting dumber and dumber. There is such a lack of curiousity and a readiness to allow mythical, mystic and supernatural dieties to control our every move. Amidst this great discussion, permeates the sad fact that ignorance is on the rise. And the worst part is the demonization of those who question authority. I would be much mor apt to believe in Christianity of the Christian leadeers acted like Christ. I am not a believer but do conform to Jesus ideas of treating his fellow man. Now

  103. Suzy Says:

    All religion in my opinion is man made. Primarily conceived into myths to answer there fears and questions about life , death and the world around them. They are all similar in there storyline because they are based on astrology and as times changed so did the stories and myths. Fortunately for us, science and technology are giving us the real answers to these questions, however the power that religion has over us isn’t going to be given up easily particular when involved with governments. The Bible is so full of contradictions and impossibilities as well as having been changed so many times that it is ridiculous to believe with certainty. One important example is when Jesus is crucified, to prove he is dead , he is pierced with a sword and water and blood come out. This is impossible if he was dead, so he must have been alive when taken down. Also later on when supposedly alive again, he and dead saints are wandering around the city like zombies, not one single word is mentioned of this amazing occurrence anywhere in history. Surely this event would rate a line or two outside the Bible.

  104. Dave Says:

    The sources for Horus are written on the walls of the pyramids in stone.

  105. Fred Says:

    putting to death the nonsense comparison of Horus and Jesus

    Claim #1-Horus and Jesus are born from a virgin.

    Horus’s mother is Isis. Isis was married to Osiris. We do not know for what length of time, but presumably the marriage was consummated. Whether it was or wasn’t doesn’t matter though. After Osiris is killed, Isis puts him back together again (he was hacked into 14 pieces) except for his penis which was tossed in a river or a lake. Iris fashions a subst itute penis for him, humps him and here comes Horus. There is nothing virginal about that.

    Claim #2-Both Horus and Jesus were born to a Mary and Joseph. (Seb)

    As noted Isis is Horus’s mother’s name not Mary. In addition, Seb is not Horus’s father, Osiris is. Seb is Osiris’s father. Further, Seb is a distinct name from Joseph. Putting them side by side does not make them synonyms, and that appears to be what was done here.

    Claim #3-Both were born of royal descent.

    This is accurate.

    Claim #4-Both births were announced by angels and witnessed by shepherds.

    I can find nothing that mentions that the birth of Horus was announced by an angel or witnessed by shepherds. I have found that Horus was born in a swamp, which is a pretty unlikely place for shepherds. In addition Acharya mentions that Horus was born in a cave. Mas sey makes no mention of this, although he does represent that Mithra was born in a cave.

    Claim #5-Both were heralded by stars and angels.

    There is no star that heralded Horus’s birth nor is there any angel announcing it. Archarya in a footnote in The Origins of Christianity indicates that that there are three stars named the three kings in Orion and then relates this to the birth of Jesus. When we look to the stories regarding Horus, we find no star or angel announcing his birth. To the extent that Acharya S relies upon Ma ssey and Ma ssey relies upon what is depicted in the panels at Luxor see (from an atheist) further regarding virgin birth and pronouncement by angels http ://w ww.frontlin _inscription.htm

    Claim #6-Both had later visitors (Horus-3 deities and Jesus-3 wisemen.)

    There is no indication that there ever were 3 wisemen. The bible never mentions the number of wisemen, nor is there any docu ment that reflects 3 deities at the birth of Horus. See the website referenced in Claim #5.

    Claim #7-Both had murder plots against them.

    There is mention that Seth did want to kill Horus, and Herod wanted to kill Jesus. so this is accurate.

    Claim#8-Both came of age at 12, were baptized and their baptizers were executed.

    There is no indication that Horus was preaching in a temple when he was 12. In fact, Ma ssey indicates that Hours the child was depicted as a “weakling.” That doesn’t jive with story of Jesus preaching in the temple. Again this appears to have been a confabulation from Acharya and repeated by others.

    Horus was never baptized in any of the Horus stories. In addition, Acharya mentions that John the Baptist is actually Anup the Baptizer. This individual is never mentioned anywhere in any Horus account. There is not even a footnote in Archaya’s on-line work The Origins of Christianity to support this. There is nothing.

    Claim #9-Both had 12 disciples.

    According to the Horus accounts, Horus had four semi-gods that were followers. There is some indication of 16 human followers and an unknown number of blacksmiths that went into battle with him. Horus did not have 12 disciples. Jesus reportedly did. Acharya failed to give a footnote to support this.

    Ma ssey points to a mural in the Book of Hades in which there are twelve reapers. Horus is not present in this scene. For Ma ssey to make this connection he goes to a different scene within the same mural. In this scene there is a picture of a god whose name is the Master of Joy. Horus is never depicted although in other murals the artists do depict Horus. Had the artists ascribed 12 reapers in any relation to Horus all they had to do was put Horus at the scene. They did not.

    Claim #10-Both walked on water.

    Horus didn’t, or at least there is no record that I can find that he did. Ma ssey does not maintain that Hours did. Ma ssey uses wild conjecture to connect the story of fish man, Oannes, not Horus, to Jesus. Oannes came out of the sea during the day, and went back into the sea at ni ght. Ma ssey makes the two analogous because by his calculations, Jesus walked on water during the day.

    As to Acharya, she as usual provides nothing to substantiate this.

    Claim #11-Both performed miracles.

    This is true although the miracles were different in scope and nature.

    Claim #12 Both exorcised demons and raised Lazarus.

    The actual claim is that Horus raised Osiris from the dead and that the name Osiris morphed to Lazarus. It doesn’t matter because Horus did not bring Osiris back to life. There is no mention of this in any docu ment regarding the story. Horus did avenge Osiris’s death, but that did not raise Osiris from the dead.

    Claim #13-Both held a Sermon on the Mount; both were transfigured on a mountain, died by crucifixion along with two thieves and were buried in tombs where they paid a quick visit to Hell and then rose from the dead after 3 days time, both resurrections were witness by women, and both will supposedly reign for 1,000 years in the Millennium.

    These are the most damning claims if they were proven true in my opinion. Yet, I can locate none of this. No sermon, no transfiguration, certainly no crucifixion w/ two thieves, no trip to hell and no resurrection. There was an incident in which Horus was torn to pieces and Iris requested the crocodile god to fish him out of the water he was tossed into, which was done, but that’s it. I am at a loss to refute this because I can not find anything to support it.

    Ma ssey does compares a story about the Autumn Equinox related to Osiris, not Horus, as the symbolic crucifixion. There is no indication that Horus is involved in any way. There is no mention by Ma ssey of any Sermon on the Mount. No mention or any actual crucifixion, no two thieves, no burial in a tomb. Mas sey does not maintain that anything of the sort occurred with Horus.

    In short, of the claims outlined in this entry, I find the comparison between Horus and Jesus to consist of the following: they were of royal descent, they allegedly worked miracles and there were murder plots against them.


  106. Jim Falato Says:

    Let’s set aside the discussion of Jesus… Let’s live as good a Life as we can and let the chips Fall As They May… And if you say, “Who’s to define what a good Life is”, then you are sadly looking to continue this discussion and not willing to simply acknowledge what you know to be true…

  107. gener Says:

    This topic is very interestingly covered in books by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy. One of the books is called, “The laughing Jesus.” I don’t remember the name of any others. This whole thing has more implications though than what people may think, and not necessarily in the WAY people think.

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