This article was last modified on December 8, 2011.

Human Corpse Stench in Car?

Overcome by a rotten odor in her car, a New Baltimore, Michigan women is suing the dealer who sold it to her, claiming it once contained a human corpse.

Margarita Salais bought the 2006 Ford Expedition in March 2011, when temperatures in northern US were low and the smell was not noticeable. But in later summer months the smell became worse, the Detroit News reported.

The New Baltimore woman is suing Suburban Ford of nearby Sterling Heights, in northern Detroit, claiming the salesman did not tell her about the car’s past.

“They bought the car while it was still cold out in March,” her lawyer Dani Liblang said. “The warmer it got, the worse the smell got.”

A letter from insurance company State Farm lodged with a court as part of Salais’ complaint says that Elite Trauma Clean-up Inc. determined that the smell was human in origin. But an Elite Trauma employee contacted by the News said it was not possible to determine the source of the smell without dismantling the car.

Suburban Ford has not replied to the lawsuit.

Salais is seeking $25,000 plus fees from the dealer and finance company Chief Financial Federal Credit Union.

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