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Sexting a Stranger

I received a text message from the number 1-XXX-277-0422 that was graphic, with that person clearly thinking I was a woman that I am not. But, hey, let’s play along.

June 5, 2011

Unknown Caller: Ive been thinking about fucking u all day baby.

Me: Me too.

U: Im watching porn stroking my cock wishing i could fuck u

M: Why porn? Why not me?

U: Ur @ work

M: Good point. You cant wait?

U: Nope lol

M: What do u want me 2 wear 4 u?

U: What do you have?

M: A few things.

U: Like?

M: Skirts. Boots.

U: Find ur dildo I want to fuck u with it

M: Whats wrong with ur cock?

U: i want to watch something slide n & out of ur pussy

M: We can do it doggy and you can watch.

U: lol where do u want me to cum?

M: In my mouth. I dont want another baby.

U: U gona swallow?

M: Duh.

U: I thought u hated cum?

M: For you i will take it

U: im gona fuck ur pussy then ur mouth

M: I need it

U: Will u deepthroat my cock?

M: I can try. Can u send me a photo to get me wet?

U: Will u send me one too then?

M: If i can yes

U: How nasty do u wana get in bed?

M: Do what u want with me. I like taking orders

U: I want my balls sucked and ass played with i feels so good

M: Oh ur dirty. Kinky. Show me that hard cock. I wanna be wet now.

U Do u have nething u can put in ur pussy @ work?

M: Maybe. I want to think of u tho.

U: I love a tongue on my ass it feels so good (photo of short dick arrives)

M: Well we will c. Now u r pushing it. What will u do for me?

U: Ill do whatever u want…nething

M: Oh yeah? Can i tie u up?

U: if ull lick my ass yes lol

M: Thats a hard trade. Why u love rimming so much? Would u lick my ass

U: It feels great! If ur ass is clean absolutely

M: I can shower. I want to know what u see in it.

U: It just feels good & its been so long since ive had it I just love ass its just so fun lol

M: I had a guy pee on me and i liked it. But butts are icky. I may have to drink first.

U: So u like being pissed on?

M: It was fun.

U: Where did u guys do it & did he pee on ur face or what?

M: A little splashed on my face. We were in a hotel.

U: Where did he piss on u then? Did u like the pic?

M: On my tits. Your cock needs my lips.

U: Ill piss on u…send me a pic U want 4 fingers n ur pussy again like last time?

M: I dont remember last time.

U: lol well im off to bed i dont feel good ill ttyl

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