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The Spoils of War, 2006

Here is a list of people who gave me stuff for the 2006 holiday season. This is for my own record so I remember who to treat extra special next year.

  1. US Oil: 16 pound turkey; dinner at VanAbel’s for myself and Taryn Olson; $25 Express Convenience Center gift card
  2. Mom (Santa 1): Christmas card; 550 Desert Storm trading cards; blue jeans; button-down shirt; khaki slacks; 3 Kurt Vonnegut novels: Galapagos, Cat’s Cradle and Man Without a Country; box set of 50 “creepy” movies
  3. Dad (Santa 2): $61
  4. Nick Bies: 2 glasses of Miller High Life; 2 menthol cigarettes; lap dance raffle ticket; pitcher of Pabst Blue Ribbon; Chinese buffet; GPX portable DVD player
  5. The Wilbers: Christmas card; Stephen Kinzer’s Overthrow; Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri’s Empire; William Safire’s Scandalmonger; loose leaf notebook paper; assorted chocolate covered pretzels and peanuts; one year subscription to Time magazine
  6. Katrina Cornelius (with Andy Schmitt): Assorted holiday chocolates; $20 Marcus Theatres gift card; binder with 70 plastic pages
  7. Hannah Borg: 2007 day planner; Jimmy Carter’s Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid; $25 Conkey’s gift certificate; Little Mermaid bookmark
  8. Jason Lane: bag of candy corn; t-shirt of Nazi Pillsbury Doughboy saying “White Flour”; Bail Out DVD with David Hasselhoff
  9. Tara DesJardins: Christmas card, $20 Conkey’s gift certificate
  10. Matt Patterson: box set of 10 exploitation films (such as Reefer Madness); “Jesus Rock!” Christmas card
  11. Kate Hermsen: cookie man with bloody stump arm; DVD of the French film Amelie
  12. Taryn Olson: calendar for Jewish year 5767
  13. Kristy Goff: large cross-stitch of a geisha in a frame; grow-your-own-girlfriend; 3 pocket journals (or maybe these are from Hannah… not entirely sure)
  14. Emily Schmitt: Camel cigarette coupons; Sno Tube
  15. Cody Kappell: 2 bottles of Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat beer
  16. Aunt Andrea: Christmas card
  17. Lea Haefs: Christmas card
  18. Dr. Steve Kagen: Inauguration Invitation card
  19. Shane Schaefer (with Emily Schmitt): EPA brochure, “Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home”

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  1. Emily (your Sister) Says:

    I am very offended that I did not get credit where credit was due. It was my idea to give you the lead paint brochure, AND those camel cigarette coupons were from ME not mom. I expect credit to be given to me for these items. (The brochure came from Shane also)

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