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Ad: Zombie Universe

With the never-ending flow of zombie-themed books, comics, movies and now the critically-acclaimed “Walking Dead” television series on AMC, it seems that people just cannot get enough of the zombie phenomenon! The more cynical people might think that all the ground has been covered, but I am afraid you would be wrong!

Enter Jeff Busch of Zombie Universe! Still a growing force on the horror scene, Jeff provides zombie postcards and a very beautiful and helpful poster for identifying zombies in the field (crucial for any zombie hunters, or even those who just like to “shoot” the undead with a camera). I personally recommend this product for yourself or any zombie fanatic you may know.

The next big thing from Zombie Universe? The Zombie High Yearbook 64! Presented to look like a real yearbook, it features plenty of zombies in classsic 1960’s styles, with nice blood-spattered pages to catch your attention? What do the undead do for extra curricular in high school? You will just have to order the book and find out! (Released May 3, but available for pre-order NOW.)

For those of us on Facebook (and who isn’t these days?), if you “like” Zombie Universe, you will be happy to know that Jeff updates his page roughly every other day. Not only does he let you know what he’s been working on, but provides plenty of links to zombie-related news stories. By liking Zombie Universe, you’re making sure that you will be the first to get the latest press release on the next big zombie film, be it “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” or “Zombieland 2”.

Be sure to like Zombie Universe on Facebook, and check out the sweet merchandise. Tell Jeff that Killer Reviews sent you!

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