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Stuff to Do, Volumes 1-3

With help from Dayna Walker and Jodey Bee

  1. Sit and make a list of things to do
  2. Walk the trails at 1000 Islands or railroad tracks
  3. Walk the Girl Scout trails
  4. Walk the CE trail
  5. Go to Great America
  6. Read a book
  7. Write a story
  8. Draw and/or color with friends
  9. Polka
  10. Swing on the swings
  11. Go to the mall and just hang out
  12. Get ice cream
  13. Kill some bugs
  14. Rent video games
  15. Go to a concert
  16. Ride a bus
  17. Buy a bus
  18. Drive somewhere
  19. Cruise the Ave
  20. Steal a car
  21. Think about how wonderful it is that we don’t listen to country music
  22. Burn down the school
  23. Rent “Faces of Death”
  24. Put shaving cream on roadkill
  25. Go to Dayton’s and ride the escalator
  26. Get drunk
  27. Hit a rabbit with a marshmallow
  28. Go to Beaners
  29. Gamble
  30. Call Dayna Walker
  31. Drink coffee to excess
  32. Make political chat
  33. Smoke a splendidly blended cigarette
  34. Crack knuckles
  35. Hug a tree
  36. Put rubber bands on a ball
  37. Learn to skateboard properly
  38. Eat cheese
  39. Listen to Wesley Willis until no longer sane (or until sane, as the case may be)
  40. Tie someone’s shoe laces together
  41. Go to school
  42. Go to work
  43. Try to make an orange lighter die
  44. Decorate a Christmas tree
  45. Whip shitties
  46. Strengthen your sphincter muscles (3 times a day, 10 repetitions)
  47. Grab bag lunch
  48. Continue making to-do lists
  49. Play with sidewalk chalk
  50. Road Trip!
  51. Listen to animal hunting sounds with the motherfucking Ataris
  52. Make an awesome tape
  53. Watch an 80s movie
  54. Shoot some hoops and play horse
  55. Crank call people
  56. Get in a car and randomly play Chinese fire drill
  57. Go bowling!
  58. Play presidents, peter, solitaire, rummy, speed, bullshit, king’s corner, golf, mud, uno, old maid, go fish, crazy eights or poker
  59. Play Monopoly or Sweet Valley High
  60. Motherfuckin’ Battleship
  61. Call a friend
  62. Take a walk or go biking
  63. Go hiking at High Cliff and climb up and down the cliffs
  64. Watch a sunrise / sunset
  65. Harrass the floor cleaning crew at Wal-Mart
  66. Try to find an episode of the Smurfs
  67. Go to the pound and play with the animals
  68. Learn a KISS song… and bash it
  69. Swing at Calumet County Park
  70. Listen to the Creeps
  71. Recite the interview with the woo woo
  72. Have a conversation about your poop
  73. Go into a public bathroom, pick a stall, go into it and yell “Oh my God! That’s bloody horrible!”
  74. Go to the mall and pretend to survey people by asking personal questions about their sex life
  75. Track down Kraemer to harrass him
  76. Bash Ryan Collins
  77. Twirl your thumbs
  78. Spin in circles till you’re dizzy enough to fall down
  79. Go into a bar and find the oldest dude there. Have a conversation about “the good ol’ days”. Drinking optional.
  80. Laundry! Play at the laundromat… it smells good.
  81. Make a mud pie
  82. Build a sand castle
  83. Peddle on College Ave
  84. Play charades
  85. Sing car songs at random (camp songs may be substituted)
  86. Make funny faces
  87. Whistle a tune
  88. Every time someone asks a question, laugh and walk away
  89. Learn an instrument
  90. Turn Christian songs secular, turn secular songs Christian

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