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Was the Government Behind 9/11?


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9 Responses to “Was the Government Behind 9/11?”

  1. Jim Skemp Says:

    One of the better articles that I’ve read lately

  2. strivinglife Says:

    Huh. And here I was holding back from reading the article because I thought it was going to be intense …

  3. Jim Skemp Says:

    Decisive & to-the-point, yet somewhat opinionated

  4. strivinglife Says:

    He opens himself up, really, since there’s no definition of “behind”.

    Just as they say that every cause has an effect, surely there must be some reason the Towers were targeted for the attack. The U.S. was hardly an innocent bystander – for if they were, I doubt they would have so readily attacked Afghanistan and Iraq (and eventually, as some were suggesting years ago, Iran).

    Did the government immediately cause the attack? Maybe not.

    Have they been pushing some buttons? I think so.

  5. Jim Skemp Says:

    I saw a doccumentary about the WTC, what it symbolized and therefore why it was targeted.
    If, looking back, we judge that our government should have not only anticipated such an act but also been able to prevent it, then we could say that they were in some way responsible. However, that leads to the discussion on what is the most effective and appropriate way for our country to address terrorism. Do we merely try to defend ourselves or do we aggressively seek out the terrorists and those who support them?
    Do we give others cause to hate us? Well, hate is a decision made by the hater. I do believe that we would be tolerated even less if we weren’t such a gluttonous customer for other nations services and goods.
    As we point our fingers at problems around the world we shouldn’t ignore our own deficiencies.
    If the question is: “Did our government (attach names if you wish) recruit the terrorists and plan the 9/11 attack?”, then, in my opinion, Gavin’s article has the answer.

  6. strivinglife Says:

    Recruit? No. But, if what ‘they’ say is right, then we certainly did train and fund a number of them.

    “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men” …

  7. Jim Skemp Says:

    True. We are training and arming Iraqis now. Who knows what they will be doing in a year or five years from now? Our government trained the Oklahoma City bomber. I don’t know what the “answer” is.

  8. Kerry McCarthy Says:


  9. Neil Jarman Says:

    Well, this is interesting. What a profound and enlightening point you’ve made here, Gavin. Would you care to elaborate though, by chance? Would you care to even make an attempt at dismantling the considerable amount of evidence that points the finger at our own government? Maybe you would like to explain why some of the key people that are making (or influencing) decisions in our government these days have profited so much from the measures taken to “avenge” those “attacks”? Maybe you would like to delete my comment from your page?

    “No”? Please.

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