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On Wikileaks

I am disappointed in Lee Murray’s blind patriotism and ignorance of legal matters regarding Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Taking a broader look at the situation, we can see the overall good this will result in.

The law Murray refers to is the Espionage Act, which did allow for the execution of spies circa World War I. However, that Act has been blunted by constitutional challenges for decades, and would not even apply to Assange regardless, as he is an Australian citizen. Assange is in the position of heading an organization that publishes leaked documents, an activity that is protected under laws concerning the press. The original thief may be charged with crimes, but not the recipient unless they ask for or pay for the documents, which they have not.

Murray is quick to attack Wikileaks for making America look “weak”, but fails to acknowledge that America is now shown to have been involved in many questionable activities. Not least of which is the killing of Yemeni citizens by drones in an undeclared war zone. If we are to uphold the law, we must pursue justice for both our allies and enemies, even if this means pointing the finger at Hillary Clinton.

President Obama spoke out against Wikileaks, saying they are destroying “open government” and putting lives in danger. Quite the opposite. The leaks are the very definition of open government — the American people getting the bare facts, not the sanitized version from the administration. And if the leaks prevent a new war or end current ones by even a day, they are sparing us unnecessary death, not increasing it.

I love America as any parent loves a child. I want us to be strong and successful, but when caught in a naughty act, a good spanking does the trick.

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