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Predictions for Lost, Season 3

Okay, less than a week after Season 2 has ended, I am going to make some predictions about each of the characters for Season 3. Once I put this on the Internet, I will not change a single line until the end of Season 3 (at which point I will consider predicting Season 4). As predictions are proved false, I will italicize them and as they are proven true, I will bold them. Things that cannot be determined for sure during Season 3 will be left neutral. Admittedly, some are very general and easily guessable. But cut me some slack. Here we go:

Jack Shepard: Will not die. Will not sleep with Kate. We will find out who Jack’s sister is. Jack’s sister will not be Claire. We will find out who Jack’s wife cheated on him with. That man will not be someone from the Island.

Sawyer (James Ford): Will not die. Will not sleep with Kate. After Jack does something Sawyer admires, he will inform Jack that he has given up on pursuing Kate. We will not find the “true Sawyer”. Sawyer’s vision will heal.

Kate Austen: Will not die. Will not sleep with Jack or Sawyer. Will not have a single flashback episode in Season 3.

Hurley (Hugo Reyes): Will begin to lose weight. Will join the inner circle – be in the loop. Will not see his imaginary friend again. Will have 1 flashback. Will become close to Danielle (not romantically). [Note: Everyone gets “closer” to Danielle, so this is really debatable.]

John Locke: Will reveal in a flashback his connection to Sawyer. [Wasn’t in a flashback.] Will walk again. Will join the Others by choice. Will seriously injure – but not kill – a Flight 815 survivor.

Claire: We will see another flashback to Aaron’s father. Will stay with Charlie all season. Will not be kidnapped again, and Aaron will not be kidnapped again.

Desmond: Will have exactly 3 flashbacks in Season 3. [There were only 2.] We will see what order he disobeyed in the Army. We will see another flashback to Kelvin Inman. We will learn about Charles Widmore.

Penelope Widmore: Penny will not be on the island in Season 3. It will be revealed her father died and she inherited Widmore Labs and Widmore Construction from him. [May be true, but it wasn’t revealed.]

Cindy: Cindy will return. Cindy will be revealed as a Dharma spy.

Charlie: Charlie will stay off drugs. He will face Cerberus (the black smoke) and live. In the first few episodes, Charlie will be leader of the survivors with Jack and Locke absent. Charlie will have no flashbacks in Season 3.

Walt: Walt will be a minor character in Season 3. Maybe he will return in Season 4. Walt is the “he” that Henry Gale looks up to.

Michael: Michael will not escape the island. Michael will be killed by a Flight 815 survivor. His killer will not be Hurley. In a flashback, we will find he worked for Widmore Construction. [These things may happen, but they didn’t happen in Season 3] Michael will not say anything like “I have to find my son” in Season 3.

Henry Gale: Henry Gale is not the leader of the Others. He will not die in Season 3. He will have 1 flashback. The flashback will be near the end of the season (at least after episode 15).

Mr. Friendly: “Tom” will turn out to be Kelvin Inman’s partner in the hatch before Desmond arrived. [Maybe, but not likely.]

Eko: Eko will not die in Season 3. He will build his church. Eko will take over leadership from Charlie when he returns.

Rose and Bernard: Neither Rose or Bernard will die. They will also not have a single flashback.

Danielle: Danielle will find Alex. However, Danielle will die by the end of Season 3.

Sun: Nothing important. [This is also debatable, since “important” could vary, but I think her tying into the mother subplot makes her important.]

Jin: We will learn he spoke English the entire time. We will also see him in a flashback on a job, working for Paik.

Libby: We will meet Libby’s husband David. We will see how she became mentally ill. We will see how she got better. And most importantly, we will learn Libby’s last name. Because Libby is Jack’s sister.

We will find out where the polar bear came from.

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